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CareAcademy Integration Sign Up



What is CareAcademy?

How does it work?

What's in it for me?

The ClearCare integration with CareAcademy brings significant value to grow your agency:

  • Activate and manage caregiver access to CareAcademy from ClearCare
  • Seamlessly pass caregiver training information between CareAcademy and ClearCare
  • Seamless transition from application through onboarding and annual training, as well as upskilling/reskilling
  • Spend less time on administrative tasks and onboarding new hires with compliance automation
  • Ensure higher completion rates which enhances your workforce to take on more clients

What is CareAcademy?

CareAcademy provides high-quality, state-approved caregiver training for home care agencies to increase caregiver knowledge. Caregivers love to complete all of their necessary training from an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly platform designed around their style of learning. Home care agencies know their caregivers are current with their training requirements and can manage their state-specific compliance needs.


  • Engaging, Mobile-Friendly Classes: Engaging videos feature real-life scenarios, and classes are designed to be completed on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • At-A-Glance Agency Dashboard: With one click, view overall training progress, class completions, individual certificates, and which caregivers are in or out of compliance.
  • Compliance Made Easy: The platform automatically assigns caregivers the right training to meet your state requirements.
  • Automated Caregiver Training Reminders: Save your office staff 10+ hours each week! We remind caregivers to complete their training, taking that off of your plate.


CareAcademy Pricing

There is no additional ClearCare cost


How does ClearCare integrate with CareAcademy?

ClearCare provides a secure, interoperable connection to CareAcademy leveraging the power of ClearCare’s Connect API. Agency Administrators & Caregivers sign on to ClearCare & CareAcademy through Single Sign On (SSO).



  • Easily move from between ClearCare and CareAcademy dashboards to view and manage caregiver training.
  • Active ClearCare caregivers with login to the ClearCare system are eligible to sync to CareAcademy.
  • Caregivers who are activated or deactivated CareAcademy access in ClearCare will update to CareAcademy.
  • When an applicant is converted to a caregiver in ClearCare, the administrator is prompted to activate the new Caregiver for access to CareAcademy.
  • See caregiver CareAcademy status in the Caregiver Profile and activate or deactivate in a click.
  • See CareAcademy status for all caregivers in a single view on the Caregiver tab. Search for individual caregivers, change status for individual caregivers, or update CareAcademy activation status for all caregivers in a click.



  • Easy access to CareAcademy from ClearCareGo Caregiver mobile app or the ClearCare Caregiver Portal


What's in it for me?

Your Benefits


  • Secure connection gives peace of mind that caregivers can easily access CareAcademy classes using their ClearCare log-in anytime, anywhere from any device (compatible with the ClearCareGo Caregiver mobile app and ClearCare Caregiver Portal).
  • Manage caregiver access to CareAcademy from ClearCare
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) makes it easy for administrators and caregivers to move between ClearCare and CareAcademy with only one login
  • Updates to caregiver activation status sync to CareAcademy, removing the need for double data entry
  • No additional cost to take advantage of the integration with ClearCare
  • FREE 30-day trial of CareAcademy for new users