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Amedisys Care Coordination Program

Delivering the first ever integrated coordination between personal care and home healthcare at scale

The home care industry is undergoing transformative change as others in the healthcare ecosystem -- from CMS to health insurers, hospitals, MCOs and the seniors and families we serve -- recognize the impact of non-medical factors on health outcomes and quality of life.

Overview Video

Amedisys Care Coordination Program: Integrated coordination between personal care and home healthcare at scale


Watch the video to learn more about Care Coordination with Amedisys

Why Integrated Care Coordination is Needed

Simply one functional limitation triples the expected annual healthcare cost from approximately $7,500 to over $21,000 per year. Source: Commonwealth Fund

The healthcare industry now recognizes that functional limitations (eg. a disability, or does not have the physical, cognitive or psychological ability to independently perform the routine activities of daily living -- such as dementia), and social determinants related to health outcomes (eg. physical and geographical living conditions, economic status and access to healthcare) drive a multiple of cost for complex chronic populations.

For patients 65 and older with 3 or more chronic conditions, the traditional healthcare system isn’t designed to manage the challenges of patients with functional limitations and social determinants.

What's In It For Me?

Be Part of the Transformation

For any patient/client who requires a combination of personal care and home healthcare, this Program offers better care and tightly coordinated care transitions in the event of a hospitalization or other acute episode –with a shared goal of keeping clients out of acute settings and ensuring a seamless return to their homes.

Deliver better coordination, fewer hospitalizations, better member satisfaction, and a better member experience.

Grow Your Business

Leverage the clinical expertise and coordination of Amedisys, a national home healthcare provider and expert, which handles over 400,000 patients per year

Keep patients at home and out of the hospital

Present a more comprehensive suite of capabilities in the home

Achieve new levels of quality and service

Deliver tightly coordinated care, including transitions in the event of a hospitalization or other acute episode

Connect personal care to healthcare

Provide patients a seamless personal and home healthcare experience on a day-to-day basis as well as at critical, high-risk transitions of care

Differentiate your agency

Deliver the quality and scale that is demanded from healthcare payers and providers

Connect to Medicare and MCOs

Leverage Amedisys’ relationships to participate in expanded payer landscape

How Care Coordination with Amedisys Works

WellSky Personal Care and Amedisys have partnered to deliver the first ever integrated coordination program at scale that electronically connects home healthcare and personal care to deliver new levels of quality and service.

There are two primary methods for coordinating care through this program:



Amedisys's centralized team of clinical Care Navigators identify qualified, high risk patients and upon the patient's consent, share information and care plans with qualified personal care agencies, who can then establish a relationship and provide for their personal care needs.



Agency clients can request home healthcare support from Amedisys’ teams of Care Navigators and clinicians.

Watch the Demo


Is the Amedisys Care Coordination Program available in my area?

Map of ClearCare availability

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What are the Program enrollment requirements?

To participate in the Care Coordination program, the following conditions must be met:

  • All care management staff at your agency must complete Care Coordination training/certification for Amedisys-defined protocols [approximately 1 hour of Internet-based training]
  • All care management staff at the agency must complete Care Coordination training/certification for Amedisys-defined protocols Caregivers must use WellSky Personal Care’s Change-in-Condition reporting on each shift
  • Agency care managers must record hospitalizations as identified
  • Agency must adhere to the Care Coordination Program Service Level Agreements (SLAs) when accepting a new patient care request from Amedisys
  • Agency agrees to obtain informed care request and consent from client participants to share care data with Amedisys as part of the Care Coordination program.
  • Agency consents to sharing client care data -- ONLY for clients that are enrolled in the Program -- with Amedisys as part of the Care Coordination program.
  • WellSky Personal Care contract addendum must be signed by the owner or an authorized signatory for your agency.
  • Not authorized to sign for your agency? or authorized signatory.


Free to Sign Up

There is no cost to enroll in the Care Coordination Program.

There are two types of clients you may work with in the Amedisys Care Coordination Program.

  • For clients you accept from Amedisys, the cost is $10 per client per month software licensing fee for use of the Care Coordination module. (This is in addition to your existing ClearCare per-client monthly fees).
  • For clients who make a Care Request to Amedisys that you enroll in the shared program, Amedisys covers the costs.
  • You will only pay the $10 per client per month software license fee for clients sent to you by Amedisys after a patient Care Request.