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Amedisys Care Coordination Program

This Amedisys Program brings together home healthcare and personal care, via interoperable technology at national scale, for the first time to deliver tightly coordinated care for patients who have both clinical and non-clinical needs. This interoperability ensures better coordination between clinical and non-clinical help, particularly with activities of daily living, to help keep clients out of the hospital, and safe and well in their homes.

What's next?

Check back here for updates and online training. 

Deliver a broader spectrum of individualized care, tighter coordination between care providers, better outcomes, fewer hospitalizations and a better client experience.

  • Provide higher quality, more effectively coordinated care resulting in better customer experience and outcomes

  • Partner closely with Amedisys, the national leader in home healthcare

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How the Amedysis Care Coordination Program Works

Amedisys has chosen ClearCare as its technology system partner to deliver the interoperability that connects Amedisys to personal care agency partners at a national scale. Participating personal care agencies coordinate care directly with Amedisys through the ClearCare platform to deliver care at new levels of quality and service.


Amedisys provides home healthcare to patients who are discharged from the hospital or other acute care setting and have clinical care needs. Amedisys’ Care Team will use clinically-validated risk models to identify and understand when a patient’s functional limitations or social determinants of health suggest a need for personal care. Upon the patient’s request and written consent, and following an accepted care request, Amedisys may share necessary information with qualified personal care agencies, who can then establish a relationship and provide for their personal care needs.

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Agencies can also send care requests to Amedisys

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After obtaining patient's consent, your agency will be able to electronically submit care requests directly to Amedisys, through ClearCare, for your personal care clients who have clinical care needs.

What's in it for me?

You will be able to provide better care and coordinated care transitions in the event of a hospitalization or other acute episodes. The Amedisys Care Coordination Program will keep your patients out of acute settings and help ensure seamless transitions to home.

Your Benefits

Enrolling in the Amedisys Care Coordination Program provides benefits for your agency and your clients.

  • Provide a better patient experience and improved outcomes
  • Achieve tighter communication and care coordination with healthcare providers
  • Reduce hospitalizations
  • Differentiate your agency by providing better care and coordination with healthcare providers
  • Deliver a more differentiated offering for Medicare Advantage and MCO payers along with Amedisys.

Participating Agency Partner Responsibilities

  • Owner or Signatory Authority must sign contract addendum
  • Meet the qualification standards for participation (read terms for details)
  • Care management team completes Care Coordination Protocol training
  • Obtain informed consent from clients to participate
  • Share client care information with Amedisys

Read the Amedisys Care Coordination Program Terms for details.

Is the Amedisys Care Coordination Program available in my area?

The Amedisys Care Coordination Program will be available in most U.S. States.

If the Care Coordination Program is currently not available in your area, enroll now so that your agency is prepared to accept care requests as soon as the Program becomes available in your location.

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