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800.449.0645 Caregiver Support

Caregiver Applicant Tracking

Recruit and hire caregivers with ease. 

Hire The Right Caregivers

Great caregivers are so hard to find. Once you find one, you need to hire and put them to work quickly or they will find work with another agency. The ClearCare Applicant Tracking System streamlines the entire process. 

 The Online Job Application

Your agency receives a unique link for caregivers to apply. Use our standard set of questions or customize your own. Applications automatically post to the Applicants section of ClearCare, reducing manual data entry. 

 Web Site Friendly

Post the applicant link on your web site so caregivers can apply directly. Eliminate sorting resumes through your email inbox, a pile of resumes on your desk, and sticky notes.


Customizable Online Caregiver Application

Tailor the online application for your agency and use the web link in all of your recruiting.

No More Data Entry

Caregiver candidates simply fill out your agency’s online application, and their profile is automatically added to your pipeline.

Seamless Conversions

When an applicant is hired, all of their information is transferred into a caregiver profile, saving you valuable time.

Stay Informed and Organized with Applicant Tracking

Track each step of the hiring process to ensure that the proper steps are taken to hire quality candidates. Perform background checks within the system with a click. Robust reporting reveals valuable pipeline information for all administrators to access.

 Real-Time Hiring Status

See which steps of the hiring process have been completed. 

 Communicate with Caregivers

Email or text caregivers from within ClearCare to invite them to an interview or remind them to complete any missing paperwork. 


Applicant Status Tracking

Use the status tracking system to stay organized and easily manage the hiring process. Pull a recruiting pipeline report to stay informed at a high level.

Integrated Employment Screening

No need to navigate multiple vendors! Simply click from within an applicant’s profile to swiftly move candidates through the hiring process.

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

Does this serve as an applicant document tracking system?

Yes! Scan caregiver certificates, completed background checks, and any other state- or office-specific paperwork. Reference all documents online when needed - great for audit verification and so you don't need to come into the office on the weekend.

Can I handle all of my applicant tracking process online?

Yes! Recruit caregivers and track the whole process from within ClearCare. 

How does this Applicant Tracking System compare to stand alone applicant tracking solutions?

ClearCare's Applicant Tracking System is built in and includes everything to make the process simple. Post a link on your web site to collect applicants. Promote those applicants and track every step of the process.  

How much does the Applicant Tracking module cost?

The Applicant Tracking System is included with the ClearCare home care software platform. 

Which stages of the hiring process can be tracked?

The Applicant Tracking System tracks the following stages: Interview, Skills Screening, Background Checks, References, Offer, Paperwork, Training & Orientation, and Hired. 

Can I email and text caregivers during the hiring process?

Yes! Email and text caregivers directly from within the ClearCare home care software platform. When the caregiver replies, you'll receive an email and the message will be documented in ClearCare. Reply via email or ClearCare and the ongoing conversation will be stored. Each message also has delivery confirmation.