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5 Ways a Recruitment CRM Can Help You Support an Engaging Candidate Experience

Businessman presenting profile pictures on digital interfaceIn today's applicant-driven economy, the candidate experience can make or break your home care company's hiring success, and the most successful employers put in extra effort to keep candidates engaged. But creating and maintaining an engaging candidate experience can be complicated and time consuming if you don't have the right tools in place.

One way to simplify your hiring process, while boosting candidate excitement about your open roles, is to partner with a recruitment CRM platform for your hiring efforts. Doing so will help your home care team build strong relationships with candidates and hire top-notch employees. Below, we've outlined a few benefits of partnering with a recruitment CRM platform to keep candidates engaged each step of the hiring process.

1 - Respond to Applicants Quickly

Recent data reported on CNBC found that 70 percent of job seekers lose interest in a job opportunity if they don't hear back within one week. But Hireology data found that most businesses takes even longer than this to review and respond to job applicants - averaging 10 days. By taking too long to respond to applicants, not only will they lose initial interest, but they can also be scooped up by other job opportunities while waiting to hear back from your team.

By partnering with a recruitment CRM platform like Hireology for your hiring efforts, you can reduce this time to review and respond to applicants by up to one week. In many cases this can be made possible by prescreen surveys available through a recruitment CRM platform. Prescreen surveys are automatically sent to applicants, helping your team save time instead of reviewing each applicant manually.

Once prescreen surveys are automatically scored, only qualified applicants will move on to the candidate stage of the hiring process, helping you significantly decrease candidate review time. By cutting down the time to review applicants, you'll fill roles much faster, boosting productivity and profitability at your home care business.

2 - Stay in Constant Communication with Candidates

Beyond speeding up applicant review time, the right recruitment CRM platform will also help you keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process. All candidate data is centralized in one platform, so your HR and hiring managers can easily contact candidates via phone or email.

To make candidate communication even easier, the right recruitment CRM platform will enable you to text message candidates directly from the platform. This way, you can avoid playing phone tag with candidates and the risk of candidates overlooking emails in their crowded inboxes.

Text messaging is a powerful communication channel for both employers and job seekers and can streamline your candidate and new hire communication, keeping candidates engaged. Text messaging can be used to seamlessly schedule interviews, share directions to your place of business, remind candidates to complete key hiring steps, such as completing background and reference check forms, and more. As an added bonus, hiring managers who have used Hireology's text messaging solution have decreased time to hire by up to 8 days, increasing productivity that's typically lost when roles are open.

3 - Complete Effective Interviews

Asking the right interview questions can help you build your best team, as interviews offer insight into candidates' personalities, skills and motivations for wanting to work for your home care business. And if you run an efficient, informative interview, you can also get candidates even more excited about joining your team.

A recruitment CRM platform can make your interview process easier with integrated interview guides. Role-specific guides include questions designed to assess unique fit and integrated scoring capabilities enable your team to identify qualified candidates sooner.

4 - Automate Reference and Background Checks

Candidate screening is critical to the hiring process because your home care business needs responsible team members who can be trusted to care for your clients. But in some cases, reference and background checks might be skipped to speed up the hiring process. Using a recruitment CRM platform, you can automate reference and background checks to both save your team time and make the process easier on candidates and their references. This results in accurate and timely turnaround of applicant screening results, eliminates errors and ensures each new hire can be fully vetted before you extend an offer.

5 - Keep Employees Engaged Post-Hire

Once you hire new employees, it's important to ensure their excitement about working for your team doesn't taper off. Almost all caregivers (97 percent) are open to new job opportunities, so your team needs to do everything you can to keep caregivers engaged - or they'll simply look for new roles.

One way to keep your home care employees engaged is by tapping into technology such as scheduling tools and a caregiver portal. ClearCare, a web-based mobile operating platform for home care agencies, empowers home care providers to fill open shifts in minutes. Its scheduling technology also makes the entire process easier on employees and reduces scheduling time by 80 percent.

In addition to its scheduling technology, ClearCare helps boost employee engagement through its caregiver portal. The portal provides caregivers with critical shift information, including Google Maps directions and mobile access to clients' care plans. Without this information, your team risks employees getting frustrated and considering other job opportunities with more streamlined technology.

Through Hireology's partnership with ClearCare, the transition from candidate to employee is seamless. Once caregivers are hired through Hireology, data is securely sent to ClearCare.

These are just a few of the many critical steps your team should take to keep top talent engaged - both during the hiring process and post-hire. By enlisting the help of a recruitment CRM platform, you can keep qualified candidates engaged and ensure employees continue to stay motivated once they're on board.

For more information, please visit: https://hireology.com/resources/clear-care/

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