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Achieving Agency Growth Through Close Relationships



Nightingale's Home Care in Grand Junction, CO has doubled in size over the past three years by keeping families connected, maintaining happy caregivers, and building strong client-caregiver bonds.  

Janet always found her volunteer work at the local hospice center especially rewarding. One day Janet’s daughter said, “Mom why don’t you just do what you love?” Janet took that advice; she started Nightingale’s Home Care. Helping people live out their lives comfortably at home is what keeps her motivated.

Janet recalls a woman that Nightingale’s took care of for five years. The woman — who was bed ridden for 14 months of Nightingale's time with her — lived out her final years peacefully and happy. She did not develop any bed sores or any other associated illnesses. “It’s just amazing the great job that can be done and the quality life people can have at home…” Janet says.

Over the past 11 years, Nightingale’s has become a part of the community in Grand Junction, CO. Janet shares with us how she’s grown her business.        

Helping Families Stay Connected

Families like to stay connected to their loved ones. Janet loves to show them how they can stay connected through ClearCare’s Family Room portal. She says “People really like the ability check in on their loved one’s care. It makes families feel more involved and closer to what is happening day-to-day when they can’t be there in person themselves.” The Family Room provides family members with information on the caregiver team, medications and upcoming schedules. The ability to see how your loved one is happily aging in place is something special that Janet offers her clients.

Reducing Caregiver Turnover

Caregiver turnover is a constant battle in the home care industry and Janet has created specific policies and procedures to help her wage that battle. For example, she recognizes caregiver performance with incentives such as monthly prize drawings. She will also put larger drawings in the mix bi-annually to further encourage caregivers to be the very best they can be.

Matching Clients and Caregivers

Another aspect of how Janet keeps both clients and caregivers happy is by facilitating strong caregiver-client relationships. These relationships define the agency’s reputation. Caregivers at Nightingale’s are paired with clients who have similar interests, making it mutually beneficial. Janet says, ”We focus very much on the clients' interests when pairing them with caregivers who can relate.” The care plan includes a wide array of information about the client, from what they like to do to what they like to talk about. These strong pairings have helped build Nightingale's strong reputation.





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