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Approved Home Health Reduces Time Spent on Billing by 75%

CarolHill.pngCHALLENGE #1: Billing day taking an entire day

Carol rarely looked forward to Thursday mornings. Thursday’s were private pay billing days, and reconciling various systems and processing credit cards for her 20 clients was tedious and time consuming. She knew Thursdays meant more than half of the day would be consumed with manual, double data entry. “I would open every single credit card authorization for every single one of those clients, and then log into the website that we used to process our credit cards. Then, I would manually enter the name, the credit card, the CVV number, the expiration date, the amount to charge, the billing address, the zip code, and the country and submit that.” After the data entry, she would generate a receipt, post the payment back to the client’s account, and then email, or print and mail the paid invoice. This entire process of double data entry and reconciliation was taking 4 hours every Thursday. Adding to the headaches, daily interruptions would often cause manual errors when entering credit card information.


CHALLENGE #2: Business Growth & Scale

Looking at the projected growth for Approved Home Health, the current process wasn’t going to scale to support additional private pay clients. After doing the math, Carol was concerned that if they doubled or tripled their private pay clients as planned, she would spend a whole day or more just processing credit cards. Her ability to see the big picture while paying attention to the details, as well as her years of experience in customer service, means that your billing experience with Approved Home Health will be a positive one.

clear-care-online-platform-update-v5_payment.pngSOLUTION: ClearCare Integrated Payment Processing

After researching ClearCare Payment Processing, Carol was ready to streamline her process through the integration. However, she hit an initial roadblock in getting started; her accounting team needed a case on why they should make a switch when the current processor’s rates were the same as ClearCare’s offering. Carol was determined to make her job easier, and with a strong case of huge time savings, she successfully convinced her team to approve the change. After the first month of using ClearCare’s integrated solution, Carol's billing day has been reduced from 4 hours to just over 1 hour.

“The biggest thing that I love is that I click one button and it sends out the invoice notification, payment processing is set up, receipt is emailed, and payments are posted. I love that I don’t have to do all those steps manually anymore. The other thing I love is that I only have to enter the credit card information once. I don’t have to enter it every single week anymore."

Carol no longer worries about the additional load of invoicing and collecting as Approved Home Health grows their private pay business.

“The thought of expanding and having more private pay clients and doing it the old way was a little frightening. We can expand and expand and expand and it’s still only going to take me about an hour to process and run all my reports.”

She was also able to reduce her inbound billing phone calls from six each week to about one a week by proactively communicating credit card payment options and process change.

“It's easy to explain that whole process to clients and their families so they don't have to call me with billing questions.”

By creating flyers and timely emails, she set the expectations for her customers, letting them know when their invoices would be processed and what the receipt would look like. 
Carol Hill-- Approved Home Health-- Sarasota, Florida



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