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Auspice Home Care doubles in size through quality, community, and caregivers



Impact Series: Tish Davis

Tish and her husband Eddie have a unique passion for home care. Tish has personal experience finding care for her grandmother and administrative work at hospitals. Eddie is a social worker by training and has spent time working in direct home care and skilled nursing. They brought these experiences together in 2009 when Tish and Eddie opened Auspice Home Care.

Since opening the doors, Tish and Eddie have maintained a “family first” focus for their business, always putting the needs of their clients first. In the past year alone, Auspice Home Care has doubled in size, increasing their billable hours by 55%. Auspice Home Care’s all-encompassing services, constant community involvement, and passion for industry education have led to amazing success.

Services: A One-Stop-Shop

Auspice is a one-stop-shop for families with an aging loved one. They provide comprehensive services for seniors, accommodating everything including 24-hour care (with no hourly minimums), transportation, concierge services and much more. Auspice conducts regular trainings for families and the community, to empower safe and healthy living environments when a caregiver is not present. Eddie’s experience with seniors suffering from dementia enables them to perform memory screenings and specialized case management for seniors in their community. Seniors and families can rest assured that when choosing Auspice, they are signing up for a very high quality care experience. Tish uses the ClearCare platform as her one stop shop for everything from tracking caregivers, scheduling, and reporting.

Being Involved in Your Community is Marketing

When Tish noticed many of the the senior-centric networking groups in her community closing down, she saw an opportunity. She strongly believes in the power of a community, and she is dedicated to helping her own community stay informed and educated about the care continuum. In 2015,Tish created the “Caregiver Conference,” an annual event to bridge the gap between providers and consumers within the aging umbrella. She created a network for local businesses including home health, hospice and funeral arrangement agencies and connected them with local residents with the ultimate goal of connecting the community. The events have proven to be a huge success with over 200 attendees at each event and overwhelmingly positive feedback. During the holidays, Tish and Eddie dress up as Mr. & Mrs. Claus and deliver gifts to seniors throughout the Central Valley. Auspice Home Care also participates in many other local events such as the Alzheimer’s walk, golf tournaments, bowling tournaments, and casino nights. Overall, Tish and Eddie have found community outreach to be a major component in their business growth and success.

Education is Key

Auspice Home Care is proud to maintain education as a core value. In addition to comprehensive training for caregivers and families, they conduct support groups and educational seminars on over twenty topics. Eddie and Tish offer a unique, Virtual Dementia Tour. The Virtual Dementia Tour was created by P.K. Belville and Second Wind Dreams.  These virtual tours, allow you to “walk in the shoes of someone with dementia” by simulating symptoms such as blindness, vernacular degeneration and a loss of balance and depth perception. This experience is impactful for anyone--especially those working with or living with dementia patients.

Finding the Right Caregivers

A selective employment process combined with intensive training has helped Auspice Home Care maintain high client satisfaction and reduce caregiver turnover. In her hiring efforts, Tish always looks further than just the basic qualifications to “make sure that [potential caregivers] have the heart to do the job.” Being a caregiver is more than a job, it’s a passion for helping those in need and Auspice Home Care strives to make sure that each caregiver has the tools and training they need to carry out their passion in the home with each client.

Auspice Home Care’s growth strategy is a testament to the power of focusing on community outreach, education and training, and we look forward to their continued growth!


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