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ClearCare Achieves Payment Processing Milestone as Company Scales for Future

SAN FRANCISCO, June 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- ClearCare, Inc., the leader in private duty home care management software, today announced a record $400 million transacted through the company's integrated Payment Processing product since launching in 2015, marking a significant milestone for the high-growth company.  

"ClearCare customers process tens of thousands of payments every day, worth more than $1 million each day," said Geoff Nudd, CEO, ClearCare, Inc. "Achieving this milestone reflects the convenience our customers realize from being able to send all their invoices and collect all their payments with just a few clicks."

The integrated workflows are proving popular with businesses looking to improve cash flow and reduce bad debt by taking credit / debit card and ACH payments.

"Approximately 85% of our agency's clients are paying by credit card through ClearCare's Payment Processing feature," said David Waddell, Owner, Home Care Assistance, Placer, CA. "Most clients prefer this system, especially knowing how much easier it is to split the bill with other family members online and retrieve historical payment information."

Payment Processing helps ClearCare customers get paid faster, with better data on transaction history and control over upcoming payments, and no need to switch between systems or duplicate data entry.

"The entire ClearCare billing platform streamlines the payment process," continued Waddell. "You just push a button and everything happens. The ClearCare system automatically syncs the client's billable hours through the scheduling system and sends invoices to customers. Financially, we are now able to collect our cash in about half the time."

"We are always looking for ways to enhance the services we deliver to our customers by integrating with best in class solutions on the ClearCare platform," said Geoff Nudd, CEO of ClearCare. "Customers process more than 30,000 credit card and ACH payments through the ClearCare platform every month, which is a testament to achieving the convenience, speed and simplicity we set out to provide with this integration."

Learn more about ClearCare Payment Processing at www.clearcareonline.com/payment-processing.

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