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Amy Kremer saved $25K with ClearCare Insurance


Amy Kremer is with Right at Home in Corona, California, recently chose ClearCare Insurance for her home care agency's workers' compensation coverage. We asked her to share her experience with us:

Why did you purchase your workers' comp insurance through ClearCare?
I especially appreciated the wonderful and fast experience of purchasing work comp insurance through ClearCare Insurance. I had received 5 other quotes and ClearCare Insurance beat all of them! 

Tell us about the quote process and working with the ClearCare Insurance team.
My ClearCare Insurance representative was completely amazing. He was most helpful, and always available to explain things to me. I have never had someone take the time to explain this kind of information so thoroughly to me. He didn’t pressure me and wasn’t annoying with excessive emails or phone calls. He would follow up in a very timely, polite, and considerate manner. Which was most appreciated and respected. I highly recommend ClearCare insurance!

How much did you save on your premium and what impact will that have on your agency?
I am saving $25,000 with the quote ClearCare Insurance offered me. I couldn’t afford the additional $25,000+/year with the other companies quotes, especially with additional expenses of California home care licensure that took effect January 1 this year.

On WorkSafe:
Having the built-in WorkSafe safety features in ClearCare will definitely benefit our agency in regards to learning in a timely manner about any type of accident or injuries!

The telephony prompt at clock-out has already proven to be an amazing feature of WorkSafe, as my caregivers are asked at the end of every shift if their shift was safe. If there is any kind of unsafe condition or incident reported, we find out immediately. That is has a huge impact on my agency! -- Amy Kremer, Right At Home, Corona, CA



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