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ClearCare saved our home care agency $200k on workers' comp


Kurt Davis of 123 Home Care

Why I chose ClearCare Insurance: After evaluating multiple options, CCO Insurance Solutions had fantastic service and made a far better offer -- and, the thought of working with ClearCare in both our home care software system as well as our workers’ compensation policy would make our safety program much easier to manage. We were very impressed with the demo for the ClearCare platform and how much more I could do with ClearCare than our previous home care software provider. We ran the numbers and with the money we would save on the workers’ compensation insurance as well as the added functionality of the system, it was a unanimous vote.

ClearCare Insurance delivers results: We saved over $200,000 on our workers’ compensation insurance. That's right, over $200,000! This allowed us to utilize that capital in other aspects of our business and on driving growth, including opening up another office and bringing on an additional care manager, who is a superstar! The money we saved is going to greatly impact our ability to grow and reach the lofty goals we have for ourselves and our company. Thank you so much for that!

 The WorkSafe Advantage: WorkSafe Central is ClearCare's built-in caregiver safety program. Safety is obviously a huge concern for us and the industry in general. We are constantly looking for ways to provide caregivers with as many resources as possible and WorkSafe Central has, simply put, been another tool for us to attract and retain caregivers. On top of that, WorkSafe adds to our sales pitch and increases our ability to gain new clients and referral sources due to our ongoing focus on safety. Making sure our caregivers and clients are safe is priority number one at 123 Home Care and the WorkSafe Central safety program helps us do just that. - Kurt Davis, 123 Home Care

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