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The Obesity Epidemic: How Seniors Are Affected

Due to the significant rise of obesity in children and the health issues it eventually causes, health experts predict that today’s children may have shorter life spans than their parents. This alarming projection has prompted the medical community and health advocates to promote healthy lifestyle changes and better eating habits for our nation’s children. While this is certainly a worthwhile endeavor, children are not the only demographic that suffer from obesity.

A growing number of seniors are currently obese. As a result of being overweight, many seniors are battling serious health issues and face an increased risk of several more. Obese seniors are more at risk for developing:

• Arthritis and osteoporosis
• Cardiovascular disease
• Memory loss or even dementia

How Caregivers Can Promote Healthy Eating

Problems arise when seniors do not make healthy food choices, or have limited options when it comes to cooking and preparing meals. However, no matter what our circumstances – or age, it is vitally important that all of us practice good nutritional habits. Caregivers play a vital role in ensuring seniors stay fit and healthy. With the help of a comprehensive homecare system or homecare software, such as ClearCare, caregivers can set daily tasks for preparing nutritious meals and engaging the senior in physical activities.

Helping the senior get involved in meal planning can also foster better eating habits. Caregivers can use ClearCare’s homecare system and homecare software to remind them which meals the senior particularly enjoys and how to get him to participate in the cooking process. Dining together also gives the caregiver another opportunity to oversee healthy food choices.

The Benefits of Good Nutrition

Eating healthy not only prevents obesity, but it also benefits seniors in many other ways, including:

• Strengthened immunity
• Stronger bones and muscles
• Increased mental focus
• Improved energy and overall well-being
• Better cardiovascular health

Along with good nutrition, daily exercise is a key factor in preventing and treating obesity. Burning calories not only helps seniors stay fit, it also promotes good cardiovascular health. Caregivers can utilize ClearCare’s homecare system and homecare software for setting daily tasks that include different physical activities.

A reliable homecare system or homecare software is also helpful when monitoring patients’ health. For seniors who are trying to lose weight, caregivers can set goals and track pounds lost. ClearCare’s homecare system also makes communication very easy, allowing caregivers to connect with physicians and family members on a regular basis. Concerns can be addressed quickly before they become serious problems.

Helping seniors enjoy their golden years in the comfort of their own homes involves more than just standard daily care. Caregivers who use ClearCare’s innovative homecare software have the unique opportunity to make a real difference in the health and well-being of their senior clients. By sharing meals and engaging in exercise together, caregivers can help seniors develop healthy lifestyles that will benefit them for years to come.

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