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Daryn’s Caregiver-Centric Strategy Results in 130% Growth


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Impact Series: Daryn Allday

Daryn has been involved in healthcare for his entire life but was particularly attracted to the personal nature of the home care industry. Three years ago, Daryn started Stay Well Home Health Care. In the past year, Stay Well Home Health Care has been recognized as a top percentile growth agency by multiple sources including The Home Care Association of America and ClearCare. We asked Daryn about the growth strategy that he has maintained since day one.

“We focus a ton of energy on our caregivers, which means our clients are happy too.”

One of Daryn’s strategies in growing his business is focusing on his employees. He says, “We focus a ton of energy on our caregivers, which means our clients are happy...that’s why we’ve grown.” Daryn went on to say “All of our marketing energy, dollars-- everything we spend is on our caregivers.” Daryn understands the direct impact that caregivers have on clients and strives to ensure that they are happy.

His philosophy of keeping the caregivers happy proves strong. In fact, many companies are emphasizing employee satisfaction as a key method that translates into client satisfaction and company-wide success.

This concept is supported in a book by Dr. Noelle Nelson, business consultant and clinical psychologist, Make More Money by Making Your Employees Happy. She states that “When employees feel that the company takes their interest to heart, then the employees will take company interests to heart,” Daryn’s proven success runs parallel with this philosophy.

“We started this company to help people, and the rest just fell into place.”

Daryn also attributes his success to a genuine passion for the industry and most importantly, his desire to make a difference in people’s lives. The constant positive feedback from caregivers, clients, and families reminds Daryn that Stay Well Home Health Care makes a tremendous difference in people’s lives on a daily basis.

“ClearCare is the best software platform I’ve ever come across.”

Daryn opened up on how ClearCare has allowed him to grow his business efficiently and quickly, with just two office staff members. His team has been using ClearCare since they opened their doors. In his own words, “having ClearCare from day 1 gave me the opportunity to operate at a low-labor cost and allowed us to grow.” Features like integrated Payment Processing makes billing day painless and easy, with credit card payments automatically processed through the system and a seamless transfer of all invoices and payments to QuickBooks with a click.

Daryn’s employee-centric philosophy and strategic use of ClearCare are his keys to success. These strategies have enabled him to focus on the most important part of his business: helping his clients. Impressive growth just naturally followed.


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