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Dave Kirchner saves 50% on work comp with ClearCare Insurance



In 2014, Dave Kirchner of Home Instead Senior Care in Yuma, Arizona, had an unfortunate workers’ comp experience. One of his caregivers had an incident that resulted in a sizable claim. Dave's team didn't have much visibility into the exact events that took place and it didn't help that his insurance carrier didn't provide much insight into the claim. This claim resulted in the agency's experience modification rate jumping from 0.93 to 1.64, forcing him to be insured by the State High Risk Fund. His premiums jumped from $17,000 to $64,000 that year. Dave was told that his agency would remain in the State Fund for the next three years, with similar premiums, until that claim was no longer considered when determining his experience modification rate. Dave wasn’t sure what he would do, but he knew he needed to find another option.

Around that same time, Dave was contacted by ClearCare Insurance where he learned about their new workers’ compensation offering. Since Dave was already a happy ClearCare customer, he was confident he'd see the same quality of service he'd received on the platform side, so he decided to explore the ClearCare Insurance solution further. Dave was introduced to his ClearCare Insurance representative, Maria, who turned his cynicism to positivity about the possibility of getting out of the State Pool and back to a lower, more manageable rate. Maria worked with him and lobbied for him with underwriters to return the best quote possible. She made him feel confident in her knowledge and he was appreciative of all the advice and guidance she provided him so he could make an informed decision.  

“ClearCare Insurance reduced our premium by 50%!”

Dave reduced his workers' comp premium by 50%, thanks in large part to ClearCare's WorkSafe program. He is especially excited about WorkSafe's telephony and safe shift reporting for caregivers, and his staff is able to save a lot of time and paperwork now that they can store and track certification deadlines and expirations easily -- right in ClearCare. Dave says WorkSafe is “a user friendly platform to sophisticate your safety program."

WorkSafe’s telephony and immediate reporting of injuries is greatly beneficial for keeping Dave informed of incidents and allows him to monitor the progress if a claim is filed. Another priceless attribute of the program is the ability for a caregiver to connect directly with a nurse immediately when an incident occurs, allowing a professional to determine whether an injury merits medical attention or not.  Dave appreciates including the unbiased professional opinion of a qualified nurse as part of the injury reporting process because it takes the employer/employee emotion out of the situation. And, if a claim is opened, ClearCare Insurance keeps tabs on the case to make sure every step of the process is accurate and necessary.  

“We now have the WorkSafe safety program in place and it works!"

The WorkSafe program made a significant difference when negotiating the workers' comp quote. In fact, the same carrier that declined Dave’s agency with one broker actually provided the winning quote through ClearCare Insurance -- because of WorkSafe.

“The financial savings ClearCare’s WorkSafe program will bring to our company just this year alone would pay for 3 years of ClearCare’s monthly fees.”
-- Dave Kirschner, Home Instead Senior Care, Yuma, AZ


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