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Every Day is Earth Day at ClearCare


From energy efficient light bulbs to carpooling, each of us finds a way to give back to the planet. Earth day is an opportunity to step back and enjoy the beautiful place we live, and to look for more ways to preserve resources in our personal and professional settings. At ClearCare, we are making an effort to do our part to be green. For example, we have discontinued the use of plastic utensils and paper goods in the lunchroom. Small changes are easy to make, and we love hearing about the ways each of you give back.

Fortunately, business efficiencies and reducing waste go hand in hand. ClearCare’s receivables functionality and integrated payment processing save more than just time, they save paper! Home care agencies using ClearCare are excited about the automatically emailed invoices, online payments, and more.



Richelle Coffey, Visiting Angels
“ClearCare's feature to now email invoices cuts my billing time by more than half. It literally takes one click and whoosh! Invoices are sent out. You get paid sooner, save time and money, and is of course an environmentally friendly option! My clients appreciate this feature as well as third party payers...Emailing invoices has given me back so much time to work on other things that need my attention!”

Ken Helfers, Always Best Care
“In one click I am sending the completed invoice AND initiating the credit card payment process. BOOM, DONE!!!”

And, how about those pesky written time sheets? What if you could reduce the hundreds of sheets of paper used every month by using an online caregiver portal and integrated telephony system?


Sean Walsh, Full Life Care
Sean's agency did just that, by using ClearCare’s integrated, smart telephony system. His 400 client agency in Washington no longer needs to collect paper time sheets from each caregiver.  That’s hundreds of sheets of paper saved, every week!

How can ClearCare help your agency operate more efficiently?

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