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3 Criteria To Select the Best Agency for Arthritis Home Care

arthritis careFamily members of an arthritic senior may worry if their loved one is taking his medication properly and following all recommended treatment instructions. Families may also be concerned the senior is not getting sufficient exercise or is having difficulties caring for his personal needs. Hiring a professional caregiver through an agency that offers a reliable homecare system is an ideal way to monitor the senior’s safety and well-being.

Seniors who require special arthritis care need the right kind of caregiver. When considering different homecare agencies, there are 3 important criteria you should look for: adequate caregiver training, a dependable homecare system, and reliable record keeping via a homecare software system, like that from ClearCare.

The Importance of…

1. Caregiver Training
Arthritis care training should be an important consideration when choosing the best homecare agency for your loved one. A professional caregiver with proper training can help the arthritic senior manage his condition by providing assistance with the activities of daily living such as housekeeping, transportation, and personal care tasks.
Since exercise is such a vital component of managing arthritis, the trained caregiver will encourage and support regular exercise and physical therapy. With ClearCare’s homecare software, caregivers always know exactly what tasks should be performed and when, ensuring the senior’s arthritis care is properly supervised.

2. A Dependable Homecare System
One valuable way that a homecare system or homecare software keeps seniors safe and healthy is by helping caregivers with medication management. Caregivers who provide arthritis care need to make sure their clients take all medications on time. ClearCare’s homecare software provides reminders for the caregivers and alerts family members if medications are not administered as scheduled.

A comprehensive homecare system gives family members real peace of mind. With agencies using a homecare system offered by ClearCare you will always know when the caregiver has arrived at your loved one’s home thanks to a telephony system with Caller ID technology. If a caregiver will be late, you will immediately be notified by text message. Imagine the contentment you’ll experience knowing your loved one’s care is so carefully monitored.

3.Reliable Record Keeping
As with medication management, accurate records are an important part of providing quality care to the arthritic senior. By using a homecare software or homecare system, your agency is always keeping a watchful eye on your loved one. The use of homecare systems, like ClearCare, guarantees your family member’s care is of utmost importance and goes above and beyond to make good on that promise. Unlike old-fashioned paper journals that get neglected or misplaced, the care management software ClearCare offers is 100% reliable and always accessible.
Though many caregivers have working experience, only high-quality homecare agencies insist on progressive training and education programs for their employees. Often, the needs of the client are unfamiliar to the untrained caregiver. Homecare agencies that offer specific training in arthritis care and utilize dependable homecare software, like the one from ClearCare, will benefit your loved one the most.

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