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3 Ways Homecare Software Relieves Caregiver Stress

caregiver stressA recent report released by the American Psychological Association shed some light on a disturbing trend among family caregivers. The report, entitled Stress in America: Our Health at Risk, revealed not only are caregivers more likely to experience stress more than other Americans, they also report it at higher levels. 55 percent of caregivers admit feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of providing care. 82 percent of caregivers suffer from a chronic illness, and 45 percent say they are doing a poor or fair job of practicing healthy ways of managing stress. A grim picture has certainly been painted. How does a home care system, like ClearCare, change the landscape?

1. Homecare software gives you time. Notice we didn’t say “saves” you time. Rather, when you take advantage of innovative homecare software, like ClearCare, you will actually have time for yourself. Time to pay the bills without being rushed. Time to do your makeup at home, instead of in the car. Time to read a book, or watch a movie. Relying on a caregiver who uses the ClearCare home care system gives you the long-forgotten gift of “spare time.” One of the reasons caregivers become stressed is because they constantly feel as if they’re falling behind. Eliminate this feeling, and you eliminate much of your stress.

2. Homecare software gives you support. Nearly one-third of caregivers are single, divorced or widowed. More than two-thirds have full- or part-time jobs. Approximately one-quarter are low-income. What impact does this have on the average caregiver? This lack of support (emotional, physical or financial) causes significant stress and anxiety. Geoffrey Hoffman, author of a UCLA study on caregiving, reports, “Caregivers are both more likely to be seriously depressed and to exhibit certain health behaviors that put them at risk.” Fortunately, family caregivers who hire an agency that uses a home care system such as ClearCare have all the support they need. Relying on a professional caregiver to help carry the load may be exactly what your family needs.

3. Homecare software gives you peace of mind. Family caregivers experience high levels of stress when they worry about their loved one’s quality of care. With a dependable home care system like ClearCare, worries like this will be a thing of the past. ClearCare grants you 24/7 access to your loved one’s care plan and daily activities. You will receive immediate notifications if a caregiver is going to be late for any reason, or if an important task is not completed as scheduled. Families who take advantage of a home care system experience true peace of mind – not the stress they’ve become used to.

If you are one of the millions who have become overwhelmed with the stress of caregiving, it’s time to make a change. Look into the power of technology in elder care today and find out how homecare software can benefit your family.

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