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4 Holiday Shopping Tips for Seniors

senior shoppingGetting older doesn’t mean losing the holiday spirit and many seniors find joy in shopping for the perfect gift for loved ones. However, holiday shopping can be a daunting task when the crowds are out – especially for seniors who require a little extra assistance to get around. While holiday shopping can seem like a daunting feat for seniors who wish to participate in gift giving, a little pre-planning and the assistance of caregiver armed with a home care software or home care system can return shopping to an enjoyable experience for the aging bargain hunter!

Plan Trips Wisely:
Seniors who want to get out and shop will likely want to do so when there aren’t as many crowds, so avoid days like Black Friday and aim to hit the stores during the weekdays or early morning hours. Taking a family caregiver or hired caregiver along can be helpful to carry merchandise and load the car, and with the power of a home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare, seniors can work with their home care agency to schedule caregiver help for transportation, assistance and company on shopping trips.

Shop Online:
With the power of the internet, seniors can shop from the comfort of their home – and often find some stellar deals and free shipping to stay within a limited budget. For seniors unfamiliar with internet shopping, family or friends can offer some tech advice and spend quality time together. And, with task reminders in a professional caregiver’s home care software or home care system, caregivers can help seniors be on the lookout for arriving packages to help move them inside and get wrapping going!

Plan a Budget:
If you’re shopping on a fixed income, planning a budget for gift giving can help seniors cover all of the people on their list without worrying about finances. Even small tokens, such as a $5 gift card for coffee can make a wonderful holiday treat for loved ones, and most gift cards can be bought in a single trip to a store, or online! If seniors prefer to shop sales, consider scheduling a caregiver to assist them on shopping trips during sale times – with a home care software or home care system such as ClearCare, getting caregivers to clients when they need it is a breeze.

Have Fun!
The holidays are all about enjoying each other and the spirit of the season, so keep your shopping trips as fun as possible by avoiding crowds, visiting your favorite stores and maybe even treating yourself to a special cup of coffee or cookie at the end of your trip! Getting older doesn’t mean giving up shopping during the holidays: with a plan, a bargain hunter’s eye, and the help of a caregiver using a home care software or home care system you can have your shopping wrapped up in no time at all.

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