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4 Useful Benefits of the Internet for Family Caregivers

caregiver supportWhile much of the internet is a flurry of activity related to social media, or shopping, there is plenty about the internet that family caregivers may find useful. With so many ways to connect the internet available on today’s market, including devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets including the iPad and Kindle Fire, even the busiest family caregiver can find time to log-in and put the internet to good use. Here are 4 ways that family caregivers can help the internet work for them!

Family caregivers suffer from a high rate of stress and depression. However, maintaining a strong support network of friends, relatives and peers can keep caregivers from feeling overwhelmed. The internet offers a variety of ways to connect with a caregiving support network, including online forums, webinars, email and social networking sites. Additionally, the support of a home care provider can be easily facilitated through a cloud-based home care software or home care system, like ClearCare for example.

The internet is an endless source of entertainment. And sometimes, that’s just what a family caregiver needs to unwind. Apps for your smartphone can provide access to crossword puzzles, strategy games or brain teasers. Additionally, sites like YouTube offer lots of how-to videos, and mindless clips to make you giggle. Family caregivers may also find that their elderly counterparts enjoy online entertainment, as well. If so, consider asking your home care provider to note online activities that seniors enjoy in their home care software or home care system.

In between rushing from work to your elderly father’s house, picking up his prescription and ensuring he has a meal in the fridge for dinner, there’s not much time to check the news or keep up with your emails. However, mobile access to the internet allows family caregivers the chance to keep up with current events, and personal communications. Some caregivers may even find a device like an iPad allows them to stay connected, provides entertainment for their senior loved one, and facilitates easy access to a home care software or home care system.

Care Management:
Managing an elderly loved one’s care requires plenty of effort. However, the internet can help family caregiver connect with home care providers, manage schedules, and more. With the help of a robust home care software or home care system, like ClearCare, family caregivers can easily check on care progress when seniors are with a home care provider. Likewise, with other providers, such as doctors or geriatric care managers, able to log-in to the home care software or home care system as well, care teams can stay coordinated with less time and effort.

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