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4 Ways to Get Senior Citizen Discounts

If there’s one thing that Rosa loves, it’s a deal! The 87-year old widow has been clipping coupons since the day she got married and always watching for creative ways to save a few dimes and dollars; and for the past 20 years, Rosa has gladly taken advantage of senior citizen discounts. While being budget conscious has always been important, now that she is paying for a home care agency that uses a home care software to help her around the house and with errands a few days per week, budgeting wisely is even more important.

As a generation familiar with a wide array of economic conditions hits the “senior” mark, there are lots of opportunities for seniors like Rosa to garner the money saving benefits of getting older. Here’s how:

1. Join the AARP
For about $16/year, members of the AARP, formerly known as the American Association for Retired People, gain access to discounts on everything from insurance to hotels - and even services like shipping at the UPS store! Short term offers may also offer savings on favorite restaurants and ways to get out of the house. Seniors working with a home care provider may find it beneficial to ask providers to note discount opportunities – like using an AARP card with certain tasks in their home care software or home care system to ensure that caregivers help clients save.

2. Research National Chain Discounts:
A surprising amount of national chains - like Ross, Home Depot and a number of large grocery chains, offer a senior discount on certain days of the week. For example, in many markets, seniors are offered 15% off their purchase at Kohl’s on Tuesdays. However, you may need to ask. Internet savvy seniors can look online for these kinds of promotions, or don’t be afraid to ask with a simple, “Do you have any senior citizen discounts?” the next time you’re shopping. Home care software or a home care system like ClearCare can also help remind caregivers about discount days to shop when errands are on a task list.

3. Call Service Providers:
Many seniors are surprised to find out that service providers like the electricity, cable and phone company may offer discounts to seniors – especially those on restricted income. To check on these programs in your area, simply call your service providers and ask. Reminders in an agency’s home care software or home care system can help remind caregivers to assist seniors with this task who may be uncomfortable handling the calls all on their own.

4. Take Advantage of Recreational Discounts:
Even fun for seniors can be a savings. For example, the National Park Service typically charges $20 for park entrance for 5 days. However, seniors 62 and older can buy an “America the Beautiful” pass for $10, which gives lifetime access to every National Park! Lots of other activities like discount yoga classes at the senior center or reduced cost movie tickets are also available for seniors, making time away from the home more affordable. And with the help of a home care software or home care system to manage senior care tasks, caregivers can better help seniors incorporate discounted entertainment into their wellbeing.

While many aspects of aging can be costly, there are also perks that can help seniors scrimp and save. Do you have any super saver tips for seniors? If so, leave a comment and join the discussion!

All seniors portrayed in this blog are fictional.

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