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5 Gift Ideas for Tech Savvy Seniors

tech savvy seniorsAs holiday season approaches, many of us begin creating our gift list. When thinking of ideas for a senior friend or relative, we may struggle to come up with just the right present. Nowadays, however, the technology industry has developed so many neat gadgets and gizmos that finding gifts for everyone is a cinch.

“Tech devices are ready for prime time, and the needs of prime timers,” claims Barry Birkett of Senior Care Corner. Such devices are more physically accommodating and offer better applications than ever – ideal for young and old alike. Here are a few ideas for the seniors in your life:

  1. Touchscreen computer. With a large screen and variety of options, the touchscreen computer eliminates the problems many older ones have with keyboards.
  2. Smartphone. Look for Smartphones with large screens and user-friendly features. Install a few apps tailored towards senior needs and interests.
  3. Tablet. iPads are becoming increasingly popular among seniors. In addition to helpful apps, consider preloading the tablet with a few books the older person may enjoy.
  4. Home care software. A reliable home care system such as ClearCare is ideal for seniors living with you or in their own home who need occasional or full-time assistance.
  5. Wireless internet. WiFi opens up a new world for seniors. Older ones can view photos of – even talk to - friends and family that live on the other side of the globe. Be sure to teach how to safely use the internet and avoid scams.

Making Aging in Place as Enjoyable as Possible

Even if seniors aren’t necessarily “tech savvy” they can enjoy the gifts mentioned above. With a little training, anyone can learn how to use a Smartphone or tablet. Select your gift with the recipient in mind, and show him how the device is useful.

Caregivers and family members should be proactive in making life safe and enjoyable for seniors. A home care system and home care software program like ClearCare have immediate benefits – both for the senior and his family. As soon as families begin using ClearCare’s home care system they will have real-time visibility to their loved one’s point-of-care.

Anna, who cares for her disabled mother, loves the freedom she enjoys since using ClearCare’s home care software. “Now I get a break once in a while,” Anna says with a smile. “But I can still check on my Mom using my Smartphone, and see what’s going on at her house. ClearCare’s home care system leaves nothing to chance.”

Some seniors who receive technology gifts will be at a loss. Caregivers can set tasks in ClearCare’s home care software to help the senior figure out how to use his new gift and get the most benefit from it. Tasks can also be set for:

  • Medication reminders
  • Allergies or special dietary concerns
  • Exercise or physical therapy

In today’s technologically advanced society, no doubt next year will bring even more gift ideas for seniors. In the meantime, consider the many ways ClearCare’s home care system and home care software would benefit your family this holiday season.


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