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5 Spring Super Foods for Seniors

vegetables-594175_1280For many of us, this has been the winter that wouldn’t end, but spring should be just around the corner. When it does (finally) arrive, it will mean more than just sunshine and tulips. Spring brings with it a crop of nutrient-rich super foods that are especially beneficial for older ones. Caregivers will want to make certain the seniors in their care have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables available for meals and snacks. Daily reminders can be set in their homecare software or homecare system to check the fridge and pantry and make notes on what groceries are needed.

Fresh Foods to Try this Spring

Spring is the season foodies love. Grocery stores and farmer’s markets start filling up with fresh produce that many places suffer without during the winter months. While winter is great for soups and simmer-all-day braised dishes, spring is the time for flavor-packed salads and chin-dripping fruits.

Caregivers, be sure to include a wide variety of foods into the meals you prepare for your senior clients. Make a note in your homecare system or homecare software of which meals the senior prefers, and which he doesn’t care for. A healthy diet is vital as we age, but sometimes our appetites diminish. A well-balanced variety of foods they really enjoy will help seniors get the nutrition they need.

Here are 5 spring super foods to try this season:

Artichokes – Rich in magnesium and antioxidants, artichokes (especially the hearts) help build bones and are a great immunity booster. Magnesium also regulates high blood pressure. Additionally, they have as much heart-healthy potassium as a small banana. Tip: When choosing artichokes, look for ones with a deep green color and whose leaves are tightly closed.

Leeks - Onions, garlic, and leeks are part of the allium family – one of the most powerful food groups with health-friendly properties. Unlike onions or garlic, leeks can be served as single meal. Rich in phytochemicals, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B, leeks provide energy and support brain function.

Asparagus – Loaded with nutrients, asparagus is a classic spring super food. Asparagus is a great source of vitamins A, C, E, and K, as well as folate, which research indicates works with vitamin B12 to prevent cognitive decline. Try roasting asparagus with a little olive oil and garlic.

Watercress – The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that eating a packet of raw watercress daily increases the ability of cells to resist damage to their DNA caused by free radicals, which in turn may protect the cells against the cell changes that lead to cancer. Watercress is also rich in vitamins A, B, and E. Caregivers can help their senior clients keep track of their daily intake of this cancer fighter using their homecare system or homecare software.

Green peas – These tender peas may be spring’s biggest little superheroes. A cup of peas has more protein than a hard-boiled egg. Peas are also high in heart-healthy, osteoporosis-fighting vitamin K, as well as vitamins A, B1, B6, and C.

Eating healthy is important whether we are young or old, but it becomes especially critical as we age and our bodies begin to slow down. In addition to nutritious meals, exercise is also a key way to stay strong as we grow older. Caregivers can use their homecare system or homecare software to set tasks for daily exercise – as well as medication reminders and doctor’s appointments.

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