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5 Tips for Discussing Elder Care With Your Parents

Many - if not most - seniors are hesitant to accept the fact that they need (or will need) assistance with daily living. If the time has come for “The Talk” with your parents, consider how you’ll do so. Before you barge into your parents’ home and start making assumptions and demands, you may want to try a gentler approach.

  1. Plan for elder care in advance. A crucial key to approaching this sensitive subject is to have the conversation before a crisis arrives. Discussing elder care plans before the need is imminent will give your parents time to adjust, as well as be involved in the planning process. Seniors are much more likely to be receptive to care suggestions when they are physically and mentally healthy.
  2. 2. Listen before you speak. While the conversation may be your idea, your parents may have some ideas of their own. It’s important that you listen – really listen – to what they have to say. You may initially have the opinion that an assisted living facility is the best solution, but 90 percent of seniors prefer home care. You can then take the reins on researching the most appropriate home care agency, home care systems and home care software on the market.
  3. 3. Validate your parent’s fears and concerns. Let your parents have the freedom to express themselves – even if you feel they are being irrational or dramatic. Resist the urge to interrupt. Take note of their feelings and take care not to be condescending when making your reply. Patronizing them is a sure fire way to start an argument. Reassure your parents by explaining how reliable home care systems and home care software – such as ClearCare – guarantee safe and quality care.
  4. 4. Don’t rush the discussion. Trying to push your parents into making a decision will likely make them feel cornered and anxious. It’s okay to have several short discussions instead of one long one. You might approach the subject of home care systems and home care software one day, and discuss long-term care insurance or Power of Attorney documents at another time.
  5. 5. Put yourself in their shoes. Consider what it’s like to be an older person who is desperately trying to stay in control of their lives and environment. Although you, as the adult child, may have the best of intentions, the truth is you are still their child. Keep your tone respectful and solicit their opinion often.

Discussing elder care plans with your parents may be a touchy subject, but it should not be ignored. Decisions must be made on the appropriate care setting, which home care agency offers the right home care systems and home care software to suit your family’s needs, and who will be in charge of financial matters. By following the tips mentioned above, you can successfully meet the challenge of discussing elder care plans with your parents.

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