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5 Ways to Age in Place With Arthritis

Aarthritis carelthough some seniors with extreme arthritis symptoms may require placement in an assisted living facility or nursing home, the majority of arthritic seniors can remain comfortably living in their own homes with the help of a professional caregiver and homecare software. As the aches and pains associated with arthritis get stronger, a trained caregiver can help with medication management, exercise, transportation, and the activities of daily living. If you have a family member who requires arthritis care, there are five simple ways you can help her stay at home and age in place.

1. Make Appropriate Changes in the Home. Many find that certain adjustments and changes in the home make life easier for arthritis care. You may need to install stair rails and bathtub handgrips, replace doorknobs with levers, as well as lower shelves and cabinets to make things easier to reach.

2. Hire the Right Caregiver. A professional caregiver who has been properly trained in arthritis care will engage the senior in a variety of activities to make her arthritis more manageable, allowing her to maintain her independence. With the help of homecare software, the caregiver will ensure medication is properly administered, well-balanced meals are prepared on time, and all essential daily tasks are completed.

3. Utilize a Homecare System, like ClearCare. A reliable homecare system goes hand-in-hand with hiring the right caregiver. A homecare agency that offers ClearCare’s innovative homecare software is dedicated to your loved one’s safety and well-being. Seniors with arthritis have special needs that must be met daily. Using a trusted homecare system ensures each and every task receives the attention it deserves, giving your loved one completely customized care.

4. Work Closely with Doctors. Regular communication with your loved one’s doctor is important because it keeps everyone on the same page. The doctor will be aware of the senior’s health and arthritic condition, while the senior will be reminded of any necessary treatments she should be doing. Your caregiver will provide transportation to doctor’s visits, while homecare software, like a robust system available from ClearCare, will keep her informed of treatment plans, appointments, and medication reminders.

5. Rely on a Support System. No one can handle arthritis care alone. A dependable support system benefits the senior, caregiver, and family members by spreading out the burden of arthritis care. As with your homecare system, a support group contributes to the well-being of the arthritic senior. ClearCare’s homecare software makes it easy for caregivers to keep track of all aspects of the senior’s care, including communication between everyone in the support group.

Arthritis pain, although treatable, requires constant monitoring. When you combine appropriate treatments with an outstanding homecare system, like ClearCare, your loved one will not only cope with her arthritis, she’ll enjoy a higher quality of life.

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