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Caregivers: The Importance of Staying Socially Active

adult child caregiversFamily caregivers bear many responsibilities. They not only provide care to one or more elderly relatives, but also have spouses and children to care for as well. In addition, the majority of family caregivers work secular jobs. Each of these responsibilities can take a toll on the family caregiver, both physically and mentally. According to research conducted by Yale University, one in four family caregivers meet the clinical criteria for anxiety, while nearly one-third of those who care for the terminally ill suffer from depression. One key way to avoid feeling this way is to stay socially active. A healthy social life gives us the refreshment we need to enjoy life again. Utilizing an in-home caregiver who uses a point-of-care homecare system or homecare software will make this easier for the overworked family caregiver.

Avoiding Isolation

As a caregiver, you may feel all alone, but this is far from the truth. Support is available, and actually critical to maintaining good health. Current research has determined that those who get emotional support while caregiving fare much better and provide care longer than those who don’t. Is there a caregiver support group in your area you could join? If not, there are many online communities you could be a part of.

In addition to finding emotional support, family caregivers must also enjoy regular socialization. Spending time with friends and family recharges us so that we can continue meeting our daily obligations. For those who think they simply don’t have the time, a proven help is to ask a quality caregiver to provide respite care on a regular basis. If you are worried that you will be too anxious about leaving your loved ones behind, innovative technology like ClearCare Online’s homecare system and homecare software can help you stay connected.

By logging into your secure, web-based homecare software, you can verify that the caregiver is at your loved one’s home as scheduled. Caregivers will also confirm when important daily tasks have been completed, so your homecare system will also alleviate any fears you may have about your relative’s care. Imagine being out for dinner with your friends and being able to quickly tap your phone to make sure that your aging father has been given his own dinner. You can relax and go back to enjoying your night out!

To maintain a healthy social life, consider working these activities into your weekly routine:

  • Meet a friend for a walk or join a fitness club together
  • Plan a date night with your significant other
  • Join co-workers for Friday night drinks
  • Invite a group of friends to the movies or out to eat
  • Join a book club, art class or another social group

Remember to plan ahead so these activities don’t get pushed to the back burner. Make arrangements for an in-home caregiver in advance, and be sure your agency uses a reliable homecare system or homecare software like ClearCare Online for reliable scheduling.

Providing care for your elderly loved ones is an incredible commitment, and you should be commended. However, this does not mean that your own health and happiness is less important than those you care for. It’s easy to let your social life slide while you have so many things going on all the time, but maintaining connections with family and friends is vital to your well-being. ClearCare Online’s homecare system and homecare software is here to help when you are ready to take that first step

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