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Caregiving Challenges Ever Present for American Women

family caregiverCaregiving is becoming an American way of life. With over 45 million people providing care for an elderly or disabled loved one in the United States, and nearly 65% of those caregivers being women, there’s no doubt that female caregivers are struggling with learning how to juggle work, family and caregiving while keeping up their own wellbeing.

According to a Mother’s Day Report published by the Voice of Midlife and Older Women, female caregivers are suffering from a lack of access to sufficient resources to aid in their caregiving and home life duties. For example, according to the study, 46% of middle age women are estimated to be a part of the “Sandwich Generation,” meaning that they provide care to both a an elderly parent and their own children. While juggling career and child care may be manageable, adding the stress of caregiving for aging parents can leave many women in a stress-laden jam for time.

However, resources like flexible work hours and the Family Medical Leave Act can often provide the time relief that female caregivers need to keep their life in balance. Unfortunately, only 28% of full time working caregivers report having flexible hours, while Family Medical Leave Act time goes unused because of a financial inability to be away from work without pay.

Homecare Can Help
Although America’s burgeoning population of female caregivers may not be have the resources and flexibility they need from work to help juggle responsibilities, resources such as a homecare agency using a full spectrum homecare software or homecare system, may provide relief.

As they Voice of Midlife and Older Women report noted, many women cannot take time away from work to fulfill caregiving duties during business hours. A homecare company, however, can provide a family caregiver with real time updates via a homecare software or homecare system, like ClearCare, and via task notes within the homecare software ensure that daytime care needs – like doctor visits – are taken care of without missed work time.

However, the cost of homecare from a company using a reliable homecare system may be a deterrent for some female caregivers seeking assistance, as well. To help defer costs, a senior’s estate should be utilized to help pay for long-term care, as suggested in this post. (LINK to “How to Pay for Homecare” post) However, in some situations, Medicaid may also help pay for homecare for seniors suffering from financial hardship. By using a homecare agency with a homecare software or homecare systems, like ClearCare, family members can rest assured that they are being billed for the proper amount of care, as well as easily facilitate billing to payment assistance programs.

In order for the women of America to continue to juggle caregiving, career and family, solutions like homecare, assistance from other family members and respite can be integrated with robust technologies such as homecare software and homecare systems to ensure that being a caregiver does not always also mean struggling to juggle work and care.

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