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Cell Phones for Seniors: Fostering Communication

imgres-1There’s more than one senior who is vehemently opposed to a cell phone. They’ve gone this long without it, what in the world could they possibly need one now for?! Or so the argument goes. However, for seniors living independently at home, cell phones and mobile communication devices can provide a critical lifeline and enable communication outside of the home or in the event that their home phone line goes out of service.

While most seniors aren’t likely to hop on the Generation X trend and ditch their home phones completely for cellular phones, there are a growing number of mobile companies targeted at providing seniors with a cell phone that is easy to use. With large buttons and easy speed dial option, senior-specific cell phones make the world of mobile talk less intimidating for individuals who may still be using a rotary phone at home!

Benefits of a Cell Phone for Seniors:
There are an array of benefits related to seniors having a cell phone, including:

  • Communication capabilities away from home allow seniors to keep in touch with loved ones and reach out in case of emergency or need for help.
  • Texting, if seniors are willing to learn, can allow family caregivers to send quick notes to their elderly loved ones and introduce a new form of communication.
  • Home care software integration, for seniors receiving service from a home care provider using a home care system, like ClearCare Online, can allow especially tech savvy seniors to log into a secure portal of the home care software or home care system and view their upcoming schedules for care.

While home phones still have a number of useful purposes, such as working with the integrated for telephony system in ClearCare Online’s home care software and home care system for in home caregivers to check into shifts with seniors, cell phones can also have a purpose. Beyond allowing quick communication in times of need, mobile communication also allows seniors to call their home care provider on-the-go and get shifts scheduled in an agency’s home care software or home care system, like ClearCare Online, the moment they think of a need.

While seniors may not be immediately open to the idea of cell phones, with an easy-to-use device and affordable plan, mobile communication may be just the thing seniors need to feel more in touch with those that help them maintain their independence.

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