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China Institutes Elder Care Law Pertaining to Children

images-20When children are young, it is a parent’s responsibility to provide loving care. For not doing so, parents can suffer legal repercussions of a very serious nature. However, what happens when the tables are turned and it’s an adult child’s turn to provide care for an aging parent? Should a child be required to care for their parent, or is the dynamic of caring for a senior less serious than that of caring for a child? While that is a question that each caregiver has to ponder for themselves here in the United States, a new law in China is requiring adult children to provide care for senior parents.

The new Chinese law requires parents to provide physical and emotional care for elderly parents, including a requirement to visit parents often. One case of an individual neglecting their parents resulted in a legal order to visit her mother at least once every two months and at least two major holidays. While the new law will be hard to enforce, it puts a new legal spin on senior caregiving for China.

Caring for Parents in the U.S.
Finding ways to manage their own lives, families and careers, as well as caring for aging parents can be a difficult balance for members of the Sandwich Generation. However, there are ways to maintain their own course while also not feeling guilty about a parent’s needs.

Home Care with Home Care Software: In-home elder care provided by an agency utilizing a home care software or home care system, like ClearCare Online, can ensure that seniors receive quality care and companionship when child caregivers are unavailable. With tasks and schedule reminders built into the home care software or home care system, children can rest assured that elderly parents get their needs met.

Family & Friend Support: Family and close friends can be a helpful network of support and caregiving assistance. Don’t hesitate to ask trusted individuals to assist with checking on Mom or Dad and relieving some of the stress.

Build In Time: Finding time for care can be a major concern. By scheduling time to focus on caregiving, or even something so simple as a phone call or visit, you may find more flexibility in your schedule with peace of mind that parents’ needs are planned. And in the meantime, you can keep up on care progress with access to your provider’s home care software or home care system.

While there aren’t any legal fines for not visiting elderly parents in the United States, the guilt can be just as difficult to deal with. However, with a support network, a plan and the help of a private duty agency utilizing a home care software or home care system like ClearCare online, that burden can be lifted to make both caregivers and senior parents happy.

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