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Continuing Education for Seniors

images-26As the body grows older, often so does the mind. But for some seniors, the golden years are a continuing opportunity to learn something new. A recent article in the Register-Herald Online cast the spotlight on a group of seniors enrolled in a free 2-week course offered by the local college to learn more about the culture and history of their local West Virginia landscape. With intriguing educational opportunities like this for seniors available across the country, there is a wealth of opportunity for seniors to be educationally active in their later years!

Senior Education Programs:
The availability of educational programs for seniors varies by location, but some common centers of learning include:

Community Colleges: Many community colleges offer adult education programs, with short term classes centered around specific interests ranging from botany to cooking and local history or dance. At an affordable price, these classes offer a fun 1-6 week learning experience.

Elderhostel: The Elderhostel organization offers amazing learning opportunities set against a travel theme that allows seniors an opportunity to explore locations both locally and abroad.

Senior Center Programs:
Local Senior Centers can be a hot spot for activity and social engagement. With ever expanding focuses, many senior centers offer special presentations and seminars geared toward local interests that are often available free of charge or for a very nominal fee.

Home Care Software Helps Get Seniors to Class
While seniors may be interested in participating in learning opportunities, transportation and mobility can be a concern – as well as fitting classes into a family caregiver’s schedule. One potential solution is the hiring of a private duty agency utilizing a home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare Online.

With a home care system and home care software in place, agencies can work with clients to schedule caregivers on specific days and times – allowing for a helping hand with transportation and facilitation of getting to and from a class.

For instance, if Mary attends a 4-week class on native plants each Tuesday, an in-home care agency using ClearCare Online home care system for scheduling can easily see which caregivers are available each Tuesday in the coming months. Next, they can review caregivers with driving certifications via the client matching tool in ClearCare Online’s home care software and home care system.

And, finally, agency schedulers can offer the shift to available caregivers via direct home care system messaging and assign the shift to the best match. With tasks assigned in the home care system, caregivers can be reminded of the times for transportation and special events, making sure seniors aren’t late to class!

Thanks to expanding educational opportunities for seniors, the support of family caregivers, and home care agencies keeping organized with ClearCare Online’s home care software and home care system, seniors can keep their minds sharp at 65 or 95!

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