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Elder Care & Pets: 3 Tips

Elderly woman holding black catAccording to the AARP, “Older people who have a pet live longer, go to the doctor’s less often, recover more quickly from illnesses, and have a more positive outlook than those who do not have a pet.” A study performed by Alan Beck, Director of the Center of Animal-Human Bond at Purdue University reported that pet ownership acts as a health enhancer by boosting morale, encouraging independence, and improving the way seniors manage stress.

The lasting bonds formed between humans and their pets have been well documented for years. It is a proven fact that the psychological and physical benefits of pet ownership significantly enhance a person’s quality of life – especially seniors.

If you are considering adopting a pet, a qualified homecare system like ClearCare will help make the transition smooth and seamless.

1. Monitor pet needs with tasks in homecare software. Owning a pet is definitely beneficial, but it does bring with it a number of responsibilities. Pets need walking, feeding, grooming – just to start. Managing these responsibilities as part of a professional caregiver’s routine is a breeze by using reliable homecare software. Your caregiver will always know exactly what time to feed the cat or walk the dog, and will also easily keep track of veterinary appointments that you may need transportation to.

2. Rely on a qualified caregiver comfortable working with animals. Let’s face it; not everyone is an animal-lover. You may be completely at ease with your two Chihuahua’s, but your caregiver may not be. Choosing an appropriate caregiver is important for safety and quality pet care. Agencies using an innovative homecare system, like ClearCare, can automatically matche caregivers and clients based on compatibility – including clients who have pets and caregivers who are comfortable with animals. This service is only one of the many benefits a reliable homecare system like ClearCare provides.

3. Keep track of all essential daily tasks – for you and your pets. Your caregiver’s homecare software is designed to give you – and your pets – the best care possible. Important daily tasks like making meals and administering medicine are easily tracked with ClearCare’s dependable homecare software. Utilizing the task scheduling features of a homecare system also ensures your pets are always taken care of. Your caregiver can easily manage your care as well as your pets, taking the burden off of you and your family members.

Studies prove that owning a pet is incredibly beneficial for seniors, but many individuals may have resisted pet ownership because of the number of responsibilities it includes. Now with a helpful homecare system, like Clearcare, those responsibilities can be safely shared amongst members of a senior’s care team. Thanks to the reminders provided by your caregiver’s homecare software, all you need to give your pet is love.

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