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Employed Family Caregivers Providing Complex Care

imgres-3A new report by the AARP Public Policy Institute shows that many employed family caregivers are working to juggle not only career and caregiving, but career and complex caregiving tasks. Among these are duties such as medication administration, wound care and monitoring behavioral and cognitive impairment that reduces a person’s ability to complete activities of daily living. Beyond these more complex tasks, these family caregivers also typically manage more basic caregiving duties like meal preparation and assistance with daily hygiene.

This juggling act is an obviously difficult and stressful balance to maintain. However, one option to help find relief is enlisting the help of a private duty care agency to assist with basic care. Even more helpful, however, is to hire a private duty agency committed to providing well-organized and transparent care via the assistance of a home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare Online.

For example, with a home care software helping to manage schedules, family caregivers can easily work with home care agencies to schedule shifts on a regular basis or as needed. With the power of a home care system, agency administrators can easily see caregivers who are available for regular or intermittent shifts and match them to client’s based not only on schedule, but also on care needs and skill sets.

Beyond scheduling and caregiver matching, home care software like ClearCare Online, can help manage required tasks for seniors. For instance, within the home care system, administrators can enter recurring tasks such as medication reminders, assistance with transfers or monitoring of certain behaviors. With behavioral monitoring in mind, caregivers can also use the home care software to leave voice comments in the home care system that are visible to administrators and to family caregivers via a secure access portal. This ensures that the home care system is helping both family caregivers and agency caregivers complete all of the required tasks for a client.

While caregivers will always likely feel the crunch of balancing career and caregiving, with the help of an in-home care agency utilizing industry-best home care software, such as ClearCare Online, the job of family caregivers can be a little less taxing.

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