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Employers Offering Innovative Solutions for Family Caregivers

in home careSusan has cared for her mother for the past three years since her cataracts made it harder to see and took away her ability to drive. Typically, Susan’s sister takes her mother to appointments and senior center classes each Tuesday, but with a case of the flu putting her sister in bed, Susan’s been strapped with the full responsibility of caring for her mother this week. With a full plate at work, and an important doctor’s visit scheduled for her Mom on Tuesday, Susan’s not quite sure how to balance the load.

For thousands of caregivers across the country, Susan’s scenario is all too familiar. However, some employers are taking pre-emptive action to help family caregivers cope with the stresses of balancing career and caregiving.

PNC Financial Services is one company making major strides to provide their employees with solutions for elder and child care emergencies. A recent article on The Washington Post website highlighted the company’s offer of back up elder and child care for employees when their standard routine falls through. Employees can take advantage of care providers contracted with PNC Financial Services and drop their loved one off at a care center or have a care provider come to the home.

Solutions For Caregivers Provide Stress Relief

An employer providing assistance for employees acting as caregivers is a concept that provides caregivers with the ability to better balance work and caregiving – and reduces missed work days due to a lack of ability to fill a gap in care.

With employee-focused programs, quality care providers and technology like home care software and home care systems, family caregivers will hopefully continue to find flexibility in managing their various life responsibilities.

With a network of support, family caregivers can also find peace of mind. For example, if a care provider that uses a home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare, is used to provide care in a family caregiver’s absence, the caregiver can still keep in close connection to their loved one’s care.

Robust features within a home care software and home care system, like real-time updates available via secure log-ins to the home care system give family caregivers constant access to updates on the wellbeing of their senior care recipient. For instance, if the senior was hesitant to eat lunch that day, the hired caregiver can leave a general message in ClearCare home care software, which family members can review in their private home care system portal.

Additionally, with integrated scheduling in a home care software or home care system, like ClearCare, family members can review their loved one’s future scheduled care visits and be sure that care coverage is in place when it’s needed most.

Being a working family caregiver is no easy task, but with the support of a forward-thinking employer, and ClearCare’s powerful home care system at the disposal of your home care agency, the task can get little bit more manageable.

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