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Family Caregivers a Vital Member of Care Teams

images-8While nurses, doctors and home care providers are documented, there is often no formal record in a senior’s medical records of who their family caregiver is. As the individual responsible for a vast amount of responsibility when it comes to a loved one’s care, family caregivers are typically not formally documented.

A recent article in MedCity News, by Diane Mintz, highlights the need for family caregivers to be better documented in medical records. As the person often responsible for tasks like catheter care, medication administration, injections and more, it is of vital importance that family caregivers are treated as an integral part of a senior’s care team.

While some family caregivers choose to enlist the help of a home care agency to care for their loved ones, communicating properly between private duty providers, doctors, hospital discharge planners and family caregivers can be a challenge – especially if medical providers are formally unaware of who the primary family caregiver is. For this reason, Mintz advocates for the formal documentation of family caregivers so that they can be properly included in the communication loop.

The best home care providers are taking steps to open up this communication channel through the use of a home care software or home care system, like ClearCare Online. With features, such as contact tracking and Family Room portal access in ClearCare’s home care software and home care system, private duty care providers can provide real time updates to family caregivers via their home care system – keeping caregivers in the “know” even when they’re away from the direct care.

Additionally, being able to send messages to family caregivers directly from the home care software and home care system allows home care administrators to track communication with family caregivers and notify them of any changes in care during home care shifts. While these may sound like “little things,” when it comes to the care of a loved one, this communication can be of the utmost importance for family caregivers, and with the facilitation through a home care software or home care system like ClearCare, agency administrators can provide such communication with minimal additional effort.

While the journey to have family caregivers formally documented in medical records, home care software like ClearCare Online can help private duty providers better communicate with family caregivers and stay one step ahead of industry standards.

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