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Family Caregivers the Backbone of American Care

9899832e-8e21-4d7e-86eb-df51f0e1021bThere has been much buzz over the last five years regarding the impact of family caregivers on the landscape of America. With an estimated 1 in 4 Americans providing care for an ill or elderly loved one, these people have been described as “humble heroes” by President Obama and the term is rightfully earned.

Family caregivers throughout the U.S. provide billions of dollars worth of care each year in the United States, and often while struggling to balance their own career and family responsibilities simultaneously. As this trend not only continues, but also grows, there will be an undoubted need to support family caregivers to avoid risk of America’s caregiving capability collapsing.

With organizations like the Family Caregiver Alliance and local support networks striving to provide education and support to caregivers, combined with more flexible caregiving benefits for caregivers at work and well managed home care agencies, caring for America’s seniors can be a manageable reality.

How Employers Are Helping
A growing number of employers are offering flexible benefits to caregivers in an effort to help reduce stress and financial impact from missed days of work. With options like flex time and telecommuting, many workers are able to strike a more reasonable balance between work and care. However, some employers are taking it a step further and offering subsidized care for seniors through a homecare agency using homecare software or a homecare system to provide care in emergency situations.

This allows caregivers to still be able to attend to career responsibilities when other caregivers fall through or unexpected schedule changes occur. And with the technology of a homecare software or homecare system, such as ClearCare Online, family members can keep in touch by monitoring secure family portals in the homecare system that provide real time updates from caregivers in the field.

Homecare Lends a Hand
Aside from help from homecare agencies offered by employers, many caregivers are choosing to independently work with homecare agencies to provide in home care to senior loved ones. With technology such as ClearCare Online’s homecare software in place, elder care agencies have greater control than ever over their operations to efficiently match caregivers to clients, schedule shifts on a recurring or intermittent basis and use automation within the homecare system to be sure billing and payroll is highly accurate.

With the support of employers, other family members and homecare agencies committed to providing exceptional care with the help of a homecare software like ClearCare Online, family caregivers can find the support they need to manage the care needs of their loved ones.

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