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Family Member Tips for Building a Great Care Team

images-5Taking care of someone is not a one-person job. It definitely can be, but the emotional and physical commitment that is required to be selfless can be overwhelming.

For those of you who are caretakers for loved ones, you know what we're talking about. It definitely takes more than one person to help take care of your aging parent, grandparent, spouse, and loved one--It takes an entire team.

Who are my teammates?

Your team consists of a network of individuals who, not only support your aging loved one, but who also support you. This includes the neighbor who comes over to spend time with your grandmother while you run errands; the doctor who understands your mothers heart condition; the son who lowers the volume on the television so that you can sleep in quiet; and even the dog who greets you with the biggest smile on his face when you come home.

Whether you have a large team or a small team, you know that they all make caring for your loved one possible.

For some people, the scope of their team stops at the network of people around them. But for others, a care team expands to include the very thing that helps keep them together.

Home care software--another teammate?

For those individuals seeking care assistance from a third-party agency, a home care software or home care system solution becomes the additional "member" of their team.

Yes, a home care system is generally used as an administrative tool. But a home care system that thinks outside the box becomes an important asset when caring for a loved one.

Communication is Key

The most impacting way in which a home care software or home care system solution can help in the care of your loved one is by opening the channels of communication between other team members.

For example, a care provider may use a home care system to internally track any notes or conversations regarding an individual. These notes are accessible by everyone in a provider's office, making it easier for more people to be involved in one's care.

However, most notably, home care software can open up the dialogue between caregivers, family members, doctors, and anyone else involved in the care of a loved one. Home care software like ClearCare does this by means of a web portal that brings all of your teammates together in one place so that everyone becomes more involved in the care of your loved one

The Take-Away

Up until this point, you may not have realized that you have been backed by entire team of supporters who help you get through the day. If you feel like you don't have a team or if you want to build your team, know that the best way to do this is by acknowledging and embracing those who support you and your mission to care for your loved one.


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