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Finding Ways to Ease the Burdens of Family Caregivers

imagesWith millions of Americans providing care to a loved one, there’s no doubt that family caregivers are a segment of the population that deserve our attention. However, when it comes to employers, legislators and other family members, a recent research study conducted by the Federal Commission on Long Term Care showed that many people often don’t fully understand the struggles facing family caregivers, or what they need in terms of support.

In conjunction with the Family Caregiver Alliance, the AARP Public Policy Institute found that many Medicaid programs do not have a firm grasp on understanding the needs of family caregivers. While many programs ask family caregivers for the relation to whom they provide care, and how many hours per week, there are bigger pictures issues that get overlooked.

For instance, many family caregivers are facing financial hardship, or their own physical or mental ailment related to their caregiving responsibilities. To help better manage these issues and provide solutions for family caregivers, it is imperative that our governmental programs take better care in evaluating and addressing the needs of a population on the forefront of caring for our nation’s seniors.

Home Care Software and Reliable Care May Provide Some Relief

One of the biggest issues facing family caregivers is the need to juggle time to manage care, career and other home responsibilities. One potential solution is to hire a private duty care agency to provide in-home care while the family caregiver focuses on their other responsibilities. While some caregivers worry about the quality of care in their absence, a home care software or home care system, like ClearCare Online can help caregivers feel at ease when they leave the care of their loved one in the hands of a professional.

How does a home care software or home care system help? With ClearCare Online as an agency’s home care software, they can easily schedule a caregiver’s shift and require the caregiver to clock-in via a telephony system integrated with the home care system. This ensure that if a caregiver is late or missed their clock-in, the administrator is immediately notified via the home care software – so you know care is there when you need it!

Additionally, secure family-specific log-ins to the home care software or home care system can also provide a way for family caregivers to monitor care from afar, providing a sense of relief and trust when care is left in the hands of a professional caregiver.

While every family caregiver has unique needs and we work as a nation to better understand those needs, home care software like that offered by ClearCare Online may offer some relief in the hands of a trusted home care agency.

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