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German Seniors Migrating Across Borders for Care

images-4Elder care is an issue that spans the world, not just the United States. While each geography suffers similar and unique issues, in Germany, where a third of the population is expected to be over age 65 by the year 2050, a growing number of seniors are leaving the country to find affordable, quality care.

A recent story by NPR highlighted the depth of the issue, with the spotlight on seniors who had left Germany and moved hundreds of miles from their families to live in nursing homes in Poland where care was not only more personable, but more affordable – sometimes just 1/3 the cost of care in Germany.

While some Germans are fine with the idea of spending their elder years in bordering Poland or Slovakia, the hundreds of miles between family can leave many feeling cast off and lost from family.

Home Care Helps Close the Gap in the United States

While there aren’t many reports of seniors leaving the country in search of better care here in the United States, the matter of distance between families and seniors can be a common issue. Often, when senior parents need care, their adult children aren’t able to make a move if they’re caring for their own families and careers in a different locale.

Home care software and home care systems, like ClearCare Online, can help family members stay in better touch with their senior loved ones when they are receiving care from a home care agency. How?

Home care software, or home care systems, like ClearCare Online allow for families to have a secure log in to the home care software where they can view real time updates to care logs from caregivers in the home. The technology of home care systems like this allow family members to stay in touch with a loved one’s care in between in-person visits.

Home care software can also help facilitate more affordable care. Rather than the cost of 24/7 care in a skilled nursing facilities, senior with less serious medical needs can receive care and assistance in their homes only at times it’s needed. Home care systems give agency administrators the power to schedule home care shifts intermittently or on a recurring basis. And, with telephone-integrated clock-ins and clock-outs for caregivers in the home care software, families can be ensured that home care systems help them be more accurately billed for services.

While our world works to solve the struggles posed by an aging population, home care systems like ClearCare Online can play a major role in this plan.

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