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Healthy Smiles for Seniors

senior activitiesAs you age, you’ll start to notice a lot of things: your metabolism slows down; it takes a bit more effort to walk up the stairs; restaurants stop asking for your ID when you order a drink. But one thing that you might also notice is your teeth—they’re falling out or growing brittle and you’re needing to see a dentist more often for some dental work.

But what if you were a senior with no dental insurance and with no financial means to afford a dental visit?

For neighborhood residents in North Carolina, that is not a problem. Thanks to North Carolina Baptist Men, low-income seniors 65+ without dental insurance can receive free dental services and a better quality of life through the Project Senior Smiles program. Fueled by donations and volunteers, the free dental service runs on wheels, taking place in a truck equipped with the necessary instruments to perform cleanings, fillings, and extractions.

As a home care agency, you can find and recommend low-to-no cost dental-services like these to your clients. But as a home care agency that goes above and beyond when providing care, you can do so much more than that.

What can you do?

Dental health can be maintained and improved by taking preventative measures. Just as you exercise to prevent heart disease, you brush and floss to prevent tooth decay. Helping your clients understand and take on these preventative measures will promote their overall dental health and ensure that you are providing the best possible care to your clients.

What is the best way to do this?

As technology has developed to improve dental practices, so will it be useful in helping you promote dental health for your clients. This is where a home care system or home care software solution can come in handy.

A comprehensive home care system or home care software solution allows you to communicate with your caregivers in ways that can improve the quality of care provided for your seniors. For example, you can remind a caregiver every night to assist the client with oral care by assigning them a task in which they must update before the end of their shift. The task can be “assist with tooth brushing”, “provide mouth wash,” or even “remove and clean dentures before bed.” Simple reminders like these are checked-off as complete by caregivers via the home care system and can be the difference between tooth decay and tooth renewal.

Not only that, but a good quality home care system or home care software allows caregivers to provide status updates and comments about a client’s condition during a shift. These comments are accessible immediately through the home care software interface where changes in a client’s dental condition can be flagged for precaution. For example, if a caregiver reports that a client is experiencing a tooth ache, this would be a signal to make sure the client is closely monitored in case further dental attention is required.

You don’t need to be the North Carolina Baptist Men organization to help seniors in your area with dental care. Nor will you need to purchase a dental office on wheels! Having a reliable home care software or home care system can be a great start in promoting preventative dental care and escalating dental emergencies before they worsen. Besides, wouldn’t you want to help your seniors smile healthy smiles?

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