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Helpful New Gadgets for Seniors

As we age, we face different circumstances and challenges that may be difficult to manage – especially if we feel as if we no longer have control over our lives. “Seniors can really get in trouble because they feel like they’re losing their grip on independence,” explains Susan Ayers Walker of SmartSilvers Alliance. Ayers monitors technological advances aimed at helping seniors hold onto their freedom as they age. Innovative technologies like home care systems and home care software, such as provided by ClearCare, help keep seniors safe and comfortable in their own homes – allowing them to maintain their dignity and independence.

Many seniors hesitate to ask for help, or let others know when a problem arises. This is concerning for adult children who worry that Dad is going to forget to take his medications or that Mom is going to leave the oven on after dinner. Issues like this are especially alarming if no one is around to take notice. Working with a reputable home care agency that offers ClearCare’s web-based home care software can alleviate many of these fears. Quality home care systems provide real-time visibility to patient point-of-care, giving family members the opportunity to monitor their loved one’s daily activities and ensure important tasks are being completed.

In addition to reliable home care systems or home care software, here are a few other recent innovations to consider for your elderly loved ones.

Big-button Cell Phone. Many of us worry that our parents won’t be able to reach us in an emergency. According to the Pew Research Center, many seniors won’t use a cell phone – even during a crisis. The majority of elderly persons find cell phones too complex or the buttons too tiny to operate. A big-button phone, like the Jitterbug, is designed especially for seniors. The Jitterbug One-Touch features extra-loud speakers, a bright screen, and big backlit buttons – including one pre-programmed for 911.

“Smart Cane” with GPS. Fugitsu, a Japanese information technology company, has recently developed a prototype that looks like a classic walking cane, but is actually much more sophisticated. Housed inside the cane’s head-piece are a tangle of electronics, including Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi and a cellular radio. Not only can this “smart cane” offer directions and narrow down locations, it can also be used to monitor temperature and heart rate.

Mobile App for Alzheimer’s Caregivers. The National Alzheimer’s Center has developed a new app called “Balance,” specifically designed to help family members better manage care for Alzheimer’s patients. The app facilitates communication among multiple caregivers, tracks and shares the latest developments in the disease, and provides caregiving tips. For families that require additional assistance, there are now more home care agencies that employ qualified caregivers who have training and experience with Alzheimer’s care. The development of home care systems and home care software has also enabled more Alzheimer’s patients to enjoy safe and quality home care.

From sci-fi walking canes to senior-friendly cell phones, companies worldwide continue to focus on senior health and well-being. Helping seniors stay safe and cared has always been the goal of home care systems and home care software, and ClearCare is dedicated to providing the very best.

What other gadgets has your family come across that help make seniors’ lives more comfortable or enjoyable? Drop us a note and let us know!

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