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Helping Family Caregivers to Care - Not Parent

family caregerWhen the time comes that aging parents need assistance to continue living independently, many adult children are happy to come to the aid of those who cared for them as children. However, navigating the new dynamic of caregiver and parent can be difficult for some families to negotiate. While there is no right or wrong way to manage relationships with aging parents, a recent article on Forbes.com highlighted the potential dangers of “parenting” aging parents.

While some may recommend that adult children require parents to make certain decisions and act in certain ways, many seniors feel uncomfortable with their adult children taking on a parenting role. Even in their senior years, your parents will always be your parents – and you their child. However, finding ways to be a caregiver and advocate, rather than a parent figure to your parents can be a challenging course.

Home Care Software Helps Reduce the Load
Oftentimes, disagreements that open up the floodgates for acting as a parent to your parents can center around decisions regarding daily care and activities. One way to help reduce these types of conflicts is to enlist the help of a home care provider using a home care software or home care system, like ClearCare Online to help manage their services.

Using an in-home care service can help ensure that aging parents receive the help they need – with scheduled activities in a home care software or home care system ranging from help with meal preparation to bathing or transportation – without presenting the opportunity for argument between parent and adult child regarding how these tasks should be completed.

However, with an agency using a home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare Online, family members can still have instant access to see when tasks are completed – allowing adult children to monitor the care of their parents from afar.

Another benefit of using an agency with a home care system is the presence of professionals who have experience in caring for other seniors. While an adult child and parent may butt heads on certain needs, the eye of a trained professional can help families best determine what a senior needs and place the right caregivers to fill these needs. With care plans and assessments tracked in home care software or home care system, help decided on by the family and provider is easily logged, tracked and completed via tasks read to the caregiver during each shift via the home care software.

Becoming a caregiver for adult parents doesn’t also have to mean giving up your role as their child. With a plan in place, patience and the assistance of home care agency using a home care system, like ClearCare Online, you can maintain a relationship with minimal strain during this potentially stressful time.


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