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Helping Seniors Manage Stress

imagesFor many seniors, the “golden years” are not so golden. Illness, lack of independence, or the loss of a loved one are just a few factors that contribute to senior stress and anxiety. While stress is damaging at any age, it is particularly harmful for older adults, who may already have poor health or high blood pressure. In addition, studies show that our bodies take longer to recover from stress as we age. Family members and in-home caregivers should not only be aware of the signs of stress, but be available to help seniors manage it as well. Caregivers that use a homecare system or homecare software like ClearCare Online can set daily reminders to discuss problems or concerns with their clients to determine their stress levels.

Identifying the Signs of Stress

In-home caregivers using a homecare system have easy access to every senior client’s assessment and care plan, which is helpful in identifying changes in mood and behavior that could indicate the senior is becoming stressed. Such changes can be monitored, tracked, and communicated to family members with ClearCare Online’s web-based homecare software.

A few things to look out for are:

· Irritability or other mood changes

· Unexplained weight loss or weight gain

· Persistent complaining

· Social withdrawal

· Sleeping too little or too much

Helping Seniors De-Stress

Once you’ve recognized symptoms of stress, it’s time to determine the cause. Is the senior having trouble paying his bills? Is housework overwhelming? Are they afraid of losing their independence as they age? Many seniors worry that they will be placed in a nursing home or assisted living facility unnecessarily, but the majority desire to live at home. With the help of a qualified caregiver and homecare system, elderly ones may never have to move.

In-home caregivers who use ClearCare Online’s homecare software can relieve their senior clients’ stress in many ways. Daily care tasks can be set for managing medications, paying bills, doctor’s appointments, and other activities. Seniors will also no longer have to worry about trying to remember important medical details while they are stored away on ClearCare Online’s secure homecare system.

For seniors who live alone, or whose family lives far away, isolation can lead to stress and anxiety. They may wonder what will happen to them if they become ill or disabled. Now is the time to make arrangements for home care and get rid of the anxiety of “What if?” When interviewing possible home care agencies, be sure to ask about what kind of homecare software they offer for real-time transparency to patient point-of-care.

Proper nutrition, adequate rest, and exercise are also important aspects of battling stress. Again, caregivers can use their homecare software to set daily tasks for such activities.

The golden years should not be filled with stress and anxiety. ClearCare Online’s homecare system and homecare software is here to help make sure seniors are safe and stress-free, in the comfort of their own homes.

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