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Home Care Offers Welcome Help for Older Caregivers

imgres-18Often, we talk about the number of Baby Boomers hitting the age 65 mark each day in America and how this relates to the growing need for elder care services. However, a recent article on The Northwestern Online, a Wisconsin-based news source, pointed out that even people in their 60’s are sometimes acting not as a care recipient, but rather a caregiver, be it for parents, a spouse or other loved one.

Taking into account that there is a population of family caregivers struggling themselves with some of the effects of aging, home care from an agency well-equipped with a home care software can be a major relief for older caregivers.

Home Care and Home Care Systems Provide Relief to Aging Caregivers
Joy Hurly of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin is one caregiver who has found home care services to be a lifesaver. While she herself doesn’t need in-home care, she was straining herself trying to keep up with the needs of her elderly mother. “I do pretty well with laundry and cleaning,” says Hurly. “But it’s getting harder and harder. And in the next few years I’m sure I could use some more help.”

Fulfilling not only a senior’s – but also a caregiver’s – need for help is where Hurly has found major value in the assistance of a home care agency.

With caregivers to help with tasks that are simply too time consuming or strenuous for some caregivers, in-home care offers a solution to ensure everyone’s wellbeing is attended to. Whether care is needed for one hour blocks, or overnight shifts, agencies using a home care software and home care systems, like ClearCare Online, can work with family members to schedule needed shifts.

More importantly, however, home care software and home care systems provide a reliable method of tracking client needs. For example, an administrator can take detailed notes in a client assessment within ClearCare Online’s home care software, then the caregiver can view these notes by logging into the home care systems before their shift. This communication gives caregivers a basic background of the client and their family caregiver.

Then, to tie everything together, scheduled tasks within the home care software and home care systems allow administrators to keep caregivers informed of what needs to be attended to during any given shift. If a family caregiver’s back is out, a home care software can allow administrators to schedule their caregiver to help with vacuuming that week.

Being a family caregiver is strenuous enough, but as caregivers age, their own health and stamina can have a noticeable effect on their ability to effectively care for others. With the help of a great home care agency using ClearCare Online home care systems, both seniors and their caregivers can get the help they need.

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