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Homecare Software & 3 Benefits in Arthritis Care

homecare-software-3-benefits-in-arthritis-careAs a family caregiver to a senior with arthritis symptoms home care software may not be one of the first tools that comes to mind when you think about managing your loved ones arthritis. Medication, exercise routines, an in-home elder care assistance all seem like logical courses of care, but you may be surprised to learn how much of a positive impact home care software can have on managing care for a senior with arthritis.

The benefits of using home care software primarily stem from choosing to work with a home care agency that utilizes a robust home care software system, such as ClearCare, to facilitate administration of their agency. For example:

1. Home care software helps track arthritis symptoms and diagnoses:
A full service home care software, like ClearCare, allows home care administrators to track a client’s arthritis symptoms in an assessment form within their the home care system. With information stored in once central place, family members can be assured that home care providers are aware of their loved ones’ needs without having to rifle through paper files that are often looked at once and stored in cabinets for months to come.

2. Caregivers know to modify tasks thanks to care log task tracking:
Home care software, like ClearCare, allows home care schedulers to note specific modified tasks to assist in the management of arthritis symptoms. Notes to incorporate light exercise, prep meals for after the caregiver has left, or dress the client in clothing without buttons are never lost when they’re kept within home care software and available to caregivers via mobile care logs on a tablet, or telephony call-in.

3. Care plans are available for instant update:
As physicians and primary care providers work to find the best course of care for a senior with arthritis symptoms, medication or exercise regimens may change. A home care software capable of producing paperless care logs, like ClearCare, allows care logs to be quickly updated to note new medication reminders, or exercise plans. Conversely, paper care plans could take days to update as they make their way from an agency’s office and back into the field.

By working with a home care provider using a robust home care software, like ClearCare, family caregivers will be granted the peace of mind that comes along with knowing an elderly loved one is receiving coordinated care required to thrive with arthritis symptoms.

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