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How to Know When Home Alone is No Longer a Good Idea

in home senior careWhen interviewed, 90 percent of older persons say they wish to remain in their own homes as long as possible. Unfortunately, as the years pass and health conditions begin to take their toll, living alone may no longer be safe. The challenge of finding adequate care becomes even more daunting when no one in the family has researched the available options before such care needs are imminent. Family members are often forced to fill in the gaps of caregiving while other arrangements can be made.

How can families recognize the time for additional help at home has arrived? And how can a reliable home care system help seniors stay safe?

Signs a Senior Needs More Help

Being aware of what indicators may mean additional assistance is required will help family members address the issue before any serious accidents occur. The following signs can be used as a guide to help families determine if in-home support is needed for their elderly loved one.

  • Increasing difficulty managing daily tasks
  • A fall, or several close calls
  • Slow recovery from illness, or worsening health conditions
  • Increased frailty
  • Difficulty driving or using public transportation
  • Signs of forgetfulness when it comes to paying bills, preparing meals, etc.
  • Neglected pets, plants, or housework
  • Loss of friendships or social withdrawal
  • Kitchen fires or burned pots and pans

If regular visits to the senior’s home are not possible, ask friends or neighbors to stop by and give you their observations.

Living at Home with the Help of Home Care Software

Many seniors living independently will eventually need assistance with daily living tasks, such as preparing meals, cleaning, and shopping. Some may also require additional help with dressing, bathing and grooming. Regardless of each senior’s individual needs, living comfortably at home is still possible with a quality home care system or home care software, such as ClearCare.

Rather than institutionalized care, which offers little to no transparency for patient point-of-care, ClearCare’s home care system and home care software provides family members with real-time visibility that just can’t be beat. Taking away the stress and uncertainty which often surrounds elder care has been one of the main reasons for developing quality home care software.

Even when staying alone is no longer a good idea, seniors can still enjoy their independence with the help of a qualified home care provider. Working with a reputable agency that offers a home care system like ClearCare has been the solution for countless families with older relatives who need full-time or part-time assistance.

As our nation’s seniors continue to live longer, innovative technology will play an important role in keeping elderly ones safe and secure. ClearCare’s home care system and home care software continues to improve on a daily basis – implementing new features that benefit seniors and their families in a variety of ways. If you have concerns about an elderly relative, now is the time to learn about the care options available and plan for a safe and healthy future.

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