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Important Information on Arthritis to Give To Homecare Providers

arthritis careSuccessful caregiving depends on good communication between caregivers, their clients and family members. When everyone is aligned, caregiving becomes less stressful for the homecare provider and ultimately more beneficial for the senior. With the help of a homecare system, like ClearCare, communication is easier than ever.

Staying organized and keeping accurate records is especially important for seniors receiving arthritis care. Utilizing reliable homecare software is an excellent way to accomplish this – with the added benefit of ensuring quality care for the arthritic senior.

If you currently have a family member who needs arthritis care, there are several important things that the homecare provider should be aware of. It will be your responsibility to share this information with your loved one’s caregiver; however if you’re using an agency that offers ClearCare’s homecare software, your job will be much easier.

It’s essential that the arthritic senior’s caregiver knows exactly what is expected of her. As part of a sophisticated homecare system, the caregiver can review her daily tasks via telephony as soon as she clocks into her shift. The agency and all family members who have access to an agency’s homecare software, like that available from ClearCare, will be able to see when these tasks are completed in real-time. Such daily tasks may include:

• Administering prescription and non-prescription medication
• Assisting with daily exercise routine
• Reminding senior of recommended arthritis care treatments
• Preparing healthy meals
• Assisting with household chores or running errands

In order for the caregiver to do her job properly, you need to disclose all relevant information to the homecare agency. This includes a detailed list of prescription and non-prescription medications, any assistive devices the senior uses, arthritis care treatment plans, and the primary physician’s contact information. The more forthcoming you are with these details, the better quality care the agency can provide.

User-friendly homecare software, like ClearCare, is designed with you in mind. We know how difficult it can be to hand over the caregiving reins to a stranger, entrusting your loved one in their care. ClearCare’s entire homecare system is based on keeping everyone in the communication loop – your family included.

For seniors who require arthritis care, an organized homecare system has proven to be an exceptional tool. Medication management is never left up to chance; caregivers always know exactly what medicine to administer and when to do so. The caregiver software from ClearCare will alert the agency – and you – if an important daily task does not get completed as scheduled.

Can you imagine the number of ways your family would benefit from the extraordinary level of care a trained provider and a homecare system like ClearCare can provide?

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