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In Home Care: A Vital Resource in Frigid Weather

elder careWhile harsh weather batters much of the United States, one of the most vulnerable populations is that of senior citizens living independently. With high winds, sub-zero temperatures and accumulating snow, poor weather can also mean power outages, frozen pipes and a lack of communication with the “outside world.” Although these conditions are dangerous for anyone, they can be especially dire for seniors who have a more difficult time dealing with the rigors of cold weather inconveniences.

One comforting presence during harsh weather can be the aid of an in home caregiver who is backed by an agency using reliable technology, such as a home care software or home care system from ClearCare Online to manage their operations.

How Home Care Systems Can Help

Identifying at-risk seniors during winter emergencies is often a priority for first responders and home care providers. With the help of a home care software, like ClearCare Online, agencies can quickly get in touch with seniors and their family members to schedule caregivers to be in the home and assess needs during impending storms. In turn, agency administrators can also enter tasks to the home care system that are vital to a senior’s well being. For example, home care software tasks for the caregiver may include things like, “Adjust thermostat to 70 degrees,” or “Prepare meals.”

And, in case of power outage or other emergencies like frozen pipes, in home caregivers can be a vital resource to ensure that seniors have the help they need to stay warm, prepare meals and keep their home lit safely.

It’s also no secret that emergencies like power outages don’t just affect seniors – they may affect a home care agency as well, all but halting operations. However, with ClearCare Online’s innovative home care software and home care system, agency administrators can gain access to their caregiver and client records, schedules and updates from caregivers via any mobile device or location with internet access due to the cloud based nature of the system.

This means that even in the harshest conditions, when roads are inaccessible, power is out and conditions are harsh, home care administrators using a home care software like ClearCare Online still have control of their operations – and can provide top notch service.

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