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Local Police Team With Seniors Across the Country

home care softwareAt first glance, seniors and police sergeants may not seem like they have much in common. However, across the nation, police forces are teaming up with senior residents for a variety of causes ranging from teaching seniors to keep themselves safe to even recruiting seniors to protect their own communities as volunteers.

Illinois Seniors Arming Themselves with Knowledge
A recent article from “MySuburbanLife.com”highlighted a new course available to seniors in the village of Lombard, Illinois. Offered to senior citizens by the local police force, the multi-week course is intended to inform seniors about the most common types of crimes encountered by the elderly, as well as precautionary steps to take to reduce their risk of becoming victims.

While the course isn’t intended to transform seniors into gun-toting local cops, it is aimed to help seniors feel informed and empowered – as well as associated with their local police force so that they feel comfortable and confident reporting any suspicious activity they encounter as one of the community’s more vulnerable populations.

Courses like this one, combined with assistance from family caregivers or in-home professional caregivers using a homecare software or homecare system can be of great value in the challenge to keep seniors safe at home. With the right knowledge, as well as the ability for homecare software or a homecare system such as ClearCare, to help caregivers with keeping a home secure, seniors can have a greater chance of avoiding victimization in their own homes.

Seniors Help on Patrol
For seniors who are still able to, many police departments offer a senior volunteer program in which seniors train to become community service volunteers with their local police force. While they don’t typically chase bad guys or pull over speeders, senior volunteer can help with serving subpoenas, patrolling for suspicious behavior and provide an extra eye on the street in addition to staffing community events and more.

In fact, senior volunteers may even provide extra patrol in senior neighborhoods to help keep potential criminals out of the area.

Police Commited to Keeping Seniors Safe
Whether seniors are living on their own, or with the assistance of in-home caregivers using home care software or a home care system, local police forces are taking note that seniors can be a vulnerable population for crimes ranging from identity scams to burglary. With the assistance of other seniors on patrol, and seniors being armed with knowledge, there’s no doubt that law enforcement is becoming increasingly committed to keeping the elderly safe.

For information on senior police academy’s in your area, or on how you can help as a senior volunteer, contact your local police force. And remember, home care software or a home care system, such as ClearCare, can be utilized in conjunction with home care services to ensure that seniors have help keeping their home and selves safe.

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