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Location May Make a Difference in Senior Health

in home caregiverWhile how you live will have a definite impact on overall health and life expectancy, a new report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that where seniors live may also affect their lifespan and quality of life.

According to the report, seniors in Hawaii have the longest health life expectancy, with many Southern states ranking with the shortest healthy life expectancy. In Hawaii, seniors aged 65 can expect an average of 16.2 more years of healthy life. This recent report by the CDC was aimed not only at examining the total number of years that a person is expected to live based on geographical location, but also the number of years they are expected to live in good health.

Recognizing the importance of quality of life instead of just length of life requires seniors and their caregivers to look at aging with new eyes.
Home Care Software Can Help Maintain Quality of Life
For many seniors, the ability to remain in their own homes is an integral aspect of quality of life. One tool that can offer many seniors the option to age in place is the hiring of a home care agency utilizing a home care software or home care system, like ClearCare Online, to manage care.

For example, the CDC report found that often healthy years were expanded in direct correlation to active lifestyles. With the assistance of a caregiver using a home care system, tasks can be scheduled in the home care software to help seniors maintain an active lifestyle that otherwise may be difficult to maintain. Transportation needs, special events companionship and regular routines like hair appointments and grocery shopping can all be maintained as tasks within a home care software or home care system like ClearCare, ensuring that caregivers are able to provide their clients with the assistance they need to maintain routines and activities that keep them happy and healthy.

Another major benefit of utilizing a home care software or home care system like ClearCare in conjunction with the care of a private duty caregiver is increased communication. Both family caregivers and professional caregivers play a major role in a senior’s wellbeing. With the communication tools provided by a home care system, all of the members of a care team can be constantly aware of a senior’s condition and make a quick response to needs that may affect health, happiness and wellbeing.

While where you live won’t always determine how long or how well you live, even seniors in regions with lower life expectancies can take steps to help mold their own fate. And with the help of loved ones and caregivers using ClearCare Online’s home care software and home care system, that fate may be a longer healthy life.

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