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MA Property Tax Program Keeps Seniors Active

images-7Managing expenses like property taxes can put a strain on senior’s already tight budgets. However, some areas are offering programs to help seniors work off part of their tax debt by contributing to the needs of their community. While at first it may seem like an odd fit, program organizers have found that seniors typically have time on their hands and are more than willing to lend a hand.

Currently, the decade old Senior Tax Workoff Program in Massachusetts is available in smaller municipalities, but the state’s large city of Springfield is also looking into adopting the program. The Senior Tax Workoff program has a limited number of spots each year that allow seniors aged 60 and older to work off a one time portion of their tax bill. MA Senior Carole Houle put in 93 hours last year for her local parks & recreation division and in return, received $750 off of her property tax bill.

While many seniors look for creative ways to stretch a dollar, local government programs like these that allow seniors to work off some costs of living in exchange for services to their community offer creative solutions. Program like Senior Tax Workoff also allow seniors to feel valuable in their community and maintain a sense of purpose.

Home Care Software Helps Keep Seniors Active
While not all areas have programs like Senior Tax Workoff available, many localities do offer senior-based volunteer programs. For seniors living independently at home, volunteer programs can provide a great opportunity to stay involved. And with the help of a home care agency using a home care software or home care system to manage care, older Americans can get the help they need to keep helping their community.

Take Jan, for example. An 80-year-old lifelong resident of Northern California, Jan has committed the last decade of her life to volunteering for the local food bank. However, when her husband John was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she feared she’d no longer be able to devote time to her beloved food bank. However, with the help of an agency using home care software or home care system like ClearCare, seniors like Jan can keep active.

With the ability to schedule recurring shifts on a weekly basis within their home care software or home care system, agencies can offer seniors like Jan the assurance that someone will be there to help her husband while she takes time out to help the community. Likewise, the same homecare system scheduling tools and ability to match driving caregivers can help seniors needing care themselves get to and from volunteer activities.

With so many opportunities available for seniors to continue to contribute to their community at any age, home care software like ClearCare Online from one of the best local home care agencies can help seniors continue to give back.

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