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Managing Appointments for Seniors

Aging-TechAging doesn’t necessarily mean a slow calendar. Between social events, appointments and errands, many seniors find themselves feeling very busy in the midst of their retirement. As seniors find themselves needing assistance with driving and daily household tasks, a busy calendar can become a burden to manage – leaving seniors seeking the help of loved ones or an elder care company that can help them maintain an independent lifestyle, yet offer a helping hand.

With a home care software or home care system, like ClearCare Online in place, in home senior care agencies can offer personalized care that assists seniors with their needs both in and out of the home. One of the most common needs for seniors is transportation to medical appointments ranging from routine visits to specialized care for an acute condition. However, with impaired eyesight, hearing or memory, merely getting to a medical appointment can be a chore.

Agencies using a home care software or home care system can use ClearCare Online’s robust matching capabilities to pair seniors up with caregivers who are not only able to drive, but who are also available to work on appointment days.

Beyond medical appointments, seniors still have a need to run the same errands as younger individuals. From grocery trips, to banking stops and looking for a new pair of pants perhaps, there’s plenty that still needs to be done outside of the house. With the enlisted help of a home care agency utilizing ClearCare Online’s home care software and home care system, seniors can have a helpful hand nearby when they need transportation, a longer reach at the grocery store or someone to help put away groceries.

Socialization is also an important part of aging, as keeping in touch with peers, friends and loved ones can help reduce the risk of isolation and depression in seniors. With the help of a home care agency using ClearCare Online’s robust home care software and home care system, seniors can enlist the help of a caregiver for transportation, assistance with ambulation and open up a world of opportunities for seniors outside their home. Local senior centers, senior clubs and service organizations have a wealth of socialization opportunities for seniors and with the help of a devoted caregiver and a home care system, such as ClearCare Online, seniors can take full advantage of opportunities to connect both in and out of their homes.

Managing senior calendars can be a struggle, but with the help of an industry-leading home care agency employing the use of ClearCare Online’s home care software, seniors can check off all of their to-do’s without a worry.


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